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June 13 2003

Northern Ireland Soccer players advised to watch Buffy! A buffy related suggestion for the non-scoring soccer team

NI haven't scored in quite a while so the BBC think they would have been better watching Buffy with their time.

Seeing as I was born and still live in Northern Ireland, our football team is not going through the best of times at the minute. Still they did manage a goalless draw against Spain (2nd best team in the world) the other day but we know we're not that good.

But taking it to a bizarre conclusion.

With Giles in goals, Spike and Angel up front, Xander and Riley in defence we might have a better chance .
Oz would make a decent wee winger as well I reckon.
Belfast boy myself.
Always good to see some one from Belfast posting :). There's a lot of nationalities who post here, BtVs sure is an international hit.
I worked in N.I. for a while. Does that count?
Another lost episode- a football game between all the guys, Giles included (tho I think he'd make Xander play goal). Buffy could revert back to her cheerleading days. It'd be fun.
Yep working in N.I. counts :).
Maybe Leeds United should start watching Buffy too :(.
IŽll work on the accent.

"Norn Iron."

Yup, got it.
Yep thats pretty much it :).

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