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April 14 2008

"Captain Mal (Aiming to Misbehave)" by Possible Oscar. A wonderfully fab tribute to Serenity. Interestingly enough the song ended up getting used in an awesome furry Captain Mal video which in turn leads rather neatly to the sheer bizarreness of QMx's first Serenity Spirit Animal aka the Mal Fox.

I was thinking of emailing you earlier begging to let me put this up. As if trying to selling Firefly fans foxes isn't strange enough, then there's that video! I love people. And the internets.
Stretching the property just a weeeee bit much with this one.
Next up: bits of Joss' hair! $80 plus shipping.
gossi He'd be bald in no time.

Just sayin'.

Some day when I have money & can afford faster-than-dial-up I'll get to enjoy all this kinda stuff.

then there's that video!

I'm impressed how the fox(?) works the song into the video. Along with the moving table. It makes me proud to be a fan. There's always the danger of the fandom becoming stuffy and official and all sorts of boring. And then comes along the sheer joy of a furry Firefly video. So I say "good on you mate. You've put the fun back into fandom".
The table thing is the bit which made me laugh out loud. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if that ends up getting more views than the River Tam sessions.
the sheer joy of a furry Firefly video

Words are failing me here :)
That is the most surreal chain of internet events. If Joss followed all that I think he'll be double checking his tea.
As Cordelia would say, I have to send this to everyone I've ever met!

Also, I won't rest til Joss fesses up to being the furry fox. ;-)
Well, they do say you should dance like there's no-one watching, the next logical step does seem to be "while in a Malcolm Reynolds the Fox costume", stands to reason, yeah ?

Ah, t'intarwebs, how do I love thee ? Let me Google the ways ... ;)

(possibly even more disturbing, the spirit animal wasn't an April fools ? Deary, deary me)
Can we give some love to the people who did the song, too? I probably haven't heard it since the '80s, but it sounds exactly right to me. Mimicry is something I marvel at. Maybe too much.
Dude - that song was awesome. Seriously, I think major props need to be given to Possible Oscar, that was very amusing. But could we throw things at QMX for the 'spirit fox', I mean really? And the Mal furry video... there are no words... Thank you Simon for providing me with my daily dose of weird (and fun).
...holy shit, I got linked on Whedonesque?!

Incidentally, he's supposed to be a Mexican wolf (a sub species of the gray wolf). But for the sake of the epicly hilarious spirit animal, we can pretend he's a fox from now on.

Love, the crazy girl in the Mal fursuit. :)

PS: if you're bemused by him, more photos and concept art here:

PPS: Oh yes, and that "table" I zoom by on is in fact a model stand used for life drawing. The video was shot in a drawing/painting studio at my school.

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Cheers, CZGoldEdition. Thanks for bringing the wacky. And that concept art is sweet!

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