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April 14 2008

Paley Center NY screening Buffy Reunion Panel on April 25. A chance for those on the East Coast to see the entire Q&A on video. Paley members can reserve now, general public seats on sale Wednesday.

Perhaps this is why they don't yet have the whole thing streaming on line...

They're charging $10? Ok... I'll wait to see it free in their library (last I checked, they told me it would take a few months) and save my money for a copy I can own and view when I want (knock on wood).
Maybe I'm being petty, but what's the logic of it showing in New York? Most of the people who paid $70 for a Paley membership in the (mostly futile) hope of getting tickets to the event were in LA or planning to go. So, huh?
I'll see it in NYC eventually, but not gonna hustle to see a video. Think have seen quite a few minutes of it online already.
The logic of showing it in New York is that the Paley center is in New York and LA and the event took place in LA. Therefore, members in New York might want a chance to see it. The $10 is because they need to staff the event and will be showing it in the theatre vs. people coming in to watch it on small screens.
Seeing it in person was the best ever. I could never imagine to have to PAY $10 to sit in a theater in NYC just to see it on video. (Then again if they show the last part where the huge mobbed rushed SMG, look for me in the black button up shirt lol).
They are also a non-profit - a 501(c)(3) - and need to fundraise at most every opportunity, anyway. They may be a pretty solvent non-profit - as their annual report and audited financial statements seem to indicate, but they can't just incur expenses, like holding a showing, and not charge something for it.

I have to say I think it's pretty nifty of them to show it in NYC, and give folks there a chance to see it... although I do think it would also be nifty of them to do the same thing here in L.A. for those of us who weren't able to score tickets.
I would hope that after they show the tape of the panel in NYC, they can make a DVD of it for the general public who can't get to either Paley Center branch.
By the way, the 1998 Buffy Panel is available at the Paley Center, and it's pretty interesting. It includes the episode, "Innocense".
I see what you're saying, zeitgeist. But now that I'm a Paley member myself, I'm starting to wonder where the money goes, since everyone may have to pay again for what they like, whenever the management says so. That's contrary to the spirit of other non-profits that I've worked in and been a member of. I'm feeling a request for detailed financial statements coming on. I think you might feel the same if you'd seen how much money was obviously on display in LA, and the very elaborate camera arrangements, and the people there by "networking."
You can watch whatever you want for free on small screens - the paying again is for this being shown on a big screen in the theater. QG posted financials links above.
Yeah, I was still composing my paranoid ramblings while QG posted that. And then my laptop froze up over the version of Adobe. I'll look at them. I'm saying my gut feeling was of more of a money-making and in-group focus than should be in a non-profit. Though they're also doing the great-sounding panel that you're participating in, zeitgeist. I wish I could be in New York for that. I probably won't pay $10 for a video of it on the Cinerama Dome screen (hate the curved screen).
Well, you won't have to as you can go watch any of their events for free. On a sidenote: *flips off Adobe* ;D I totally get where you are coming from, was just worried that this thread was going to take an ugly turn.
$10 isn't bad... I'd go if I could. But as it is, it's probably easier just to buy the DVD when it's available (which it better be!)
Oh for crying out loud, how bout sending them out here for real for us sufferin' East Coasters? A few of them can crash at my pad. I'll make sure the best beer and wine Trader Joes has to offer is readily available.
Odds are you'll never be able to buy a DVD - I don't think Paley has the rights for any DVD releases of their events (though net streaming usually happens). But you will indeed be able to forever see it in their library, which you can use if you pay admission...about $10 (free for members).

In other words, it's about the same cost-wise, but probably more fun to see with a full audience full of people.
Oh duh, I was neglecting the fact that it would still cost me $10 to get into the Center to see this in the library. So, yeah, same cost. (Though I'll actually be out of town that day, so I won't be able to make the screening anyway.)

As far as DVD, there is hope. Paley has put some out in the past (link). I believe they've indicated they'd try to put this out (sounded like they need the ok from all the participants).
was just worried that this thread was going to take an ugly turn

A Paley Center thread? Taking an ugly turn? Say it ain't so!
I think there's probably another ugly turn coming. But that's got nothing to do with me. If one can grasp it.
I second the hope that a DVD will be released at some point. There are millions of Buffy fans all over the world for whom the event would have been impossible to attend, and it's highly unlikely there will ever be such a large reunion of those involved with the show again. It would be brilliant if they could release it on DVD for all of those of us who couldn't attend. And I think they would probably be able to sell a huge number of them.
Just wanted to pass on some thoughts from Kate who works for the Paley Center. She is speaking only on behalf of herself and not as a rep for the Paley Center/MTR.

I saw the post and comments about it from yesterday and I just want to clarify some things because there’s some misinformation going around (and I’m NOT speaking on behalf of the Paley Center, but just myself).

The purpose of this screening is simply to give people a chance to see exactly what happened at PaleyFest. There is nothing malicious or greedy behind it. I’m just a fan who honestly thought that other fans might be interested in watching this as a group on a big screen. Obviously it won’t be the same as being at PaleyFest, but it’ll more fun than watching the tape alone at a console.

I have no idea whether this will eventually be available on dvd. These things take a long time and sometimes they are seriously edited down. We’ll be showing the entire discussion, the whole 1 hour 24 minutes, as well as “Once More, with Feeling,” which will play before the discussion, just as it happened at PaleyFest.

The $10 ticket price is the same as admission to the Paley Center. So if you’re not a member and you want to watch this tape, you’d still end up paying $10. We’ll most likely be doing some giveaways because we want to encourage people to come back to our other programs and use our library. You’re basically breaking even, or possibly coming out ahead.

Thanks to Kate for taking the time to read/respond. If anyone has other specific questions i can pass them on to her.

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