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April 15 2008

Nightmares in Head Trip. A buffy reference in the webcomic.

Hey! Not all of us not-actively-employed-Americans have nothing to do with our extreme spare time.

Some of us search for work, or play online, or paint.

Or do a Firefly marathon.

Or write fanfic.

Nice find, I've enjoyed reading some of the past issues. Felt just like my sister and I- close relationship, sometimes violent, warped sense of humor, but with good taste. :)

There's a lovely Dollhouse/Whedon/F#x moment here.

And a Firefly centric one here.
The author is obviously a fellow Whedonite, Whedon-appreciator, Whedonesquer, Whedonist...have we decided on a standard name yet?? One that doesn't make us sound like some creepy religion.

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Onthedrift, your links are kinda broken.

Link 1

Link 2


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E.T. scared the hell out of me for many, many years. Good to know I'm not the only one.
Thanks for the links to the Dollhouse/Firefly ones! I loved both of them, but the Firefly is just too priceless. I laughed out loud.
Thanks for the fix NickSeng. Broken just like the rest of me. :) And it only took me like three edits to try to fix it myself, yay! Must not type when sleepy.

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