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April 15 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch shows cover for Spike ATF #2. Brian returns to his blog with two new entries detailing the progress on Angel ATF 8 and reveals Urru's quite piss-taking cover for Spike's spinoff. Angel must feel the vitriol:-).

I sense a
I absolutely love that cover. It really made me smile.
Best Buffyverse cover I've ever seen, and that's including Chen's which is truly saying a lot. Such a clever idea. I didn't see that kind of cover coming at all, but it clicks so well. Desktoppage. I'm sad Franco is gone from the Angel series, especially judging on the page from #9 that Ryall released, but after seeing this cover I am estatic to have him back over at the Spike series.
Captures the essence of Spike better than any other Spike-centric we've seen so far, in my eyes. Also love the way Franco draws backgrounds and clothes, very textured.
Nice cover granted, but I was distracted by the pic of Brian Lynch (which I've never paid attention to before). He looks a little like someone I've slept with...

That aside, fantastic artwork.
Best Buffyverse cover I've ever seen, and that's including Chen's which is truly saying a lot.

Madness. That's truly saying madness.
Chen's easily the best at likenesses. But this reflects character in a way that is hard to describe. Pretty perfect cover, if there ever was one.
Absolutely perfect!
I kinda get the impression that they've just photoshopped Angel out of the original cover and put in Spike.

I'm not quite feeling the love over here.
That is just fantastic, classic Spike.
Well, Jo is in a completely different league altogether, and her first Faith cover, the one with the spray can, or the No Future For You TPB cover, the conjoined-heads one, easily rival this one, as concepts go. But I also really like Franco's, it channels Spike's attitude to a T.
Kinda poutier than Spike usually gets. I mean his lower lip is pretty protruding. I'd picture him with more relaxed lips, or maybe biting his lower lip, if he was walking like that.

That said, it's an amazing cover.
Awesome cover!!!! I'm kinda glad to see Spike giving Dragon some love too.
Love the premise, love the attitude, don't like the face expression. The face just doesn't really look like him.

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