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April 15 2008

David Boreanaz's Blog. He talks about the Philadelphia Flyers in game one and two of the NHL playoffs.

Let's go, FLYERS!


'Cuse me. :-)
Must. Rebut.

C-A-P-S, Caps, Caps, Caps!

Sorry, back to you're regular scheduled love-fest for D.B.
Love Dave, but he is a different breed of sports fan than I.

Last year it was all about the Buffalo Sabres, and now this year it's the Flyers? I can't switch/share allegiances like that.

Oh yea...Go Rangers :)
David was born in Buffalo so when the Sabres got into the playoffs and the Flyers didn't he supported the Sabres ... he's been pretty up front that the Flyers are his number one team. He even wore a Flyers jersey under his Rangers jersey when he was playing in a charity game ... maybe you remember that??? ;)
For some of us it's still all about the Sabres, but they're out this year -- so I choose to cheer whoever's playing against Ottawa and Boston!!!

Plus with Campbell, Brier, Biron, and Drury in the playoffs its LIKE the Sabres are in the playoffs.... ok it's not, but that's all I have. Thank god baseball's started.

Oh, and of course, I luv ya DB!!
Really can't stand the Flyers. They played like absolute goons this year, and it was pretty sickening. Disgusting, even. That being said, Patrick Thoresen was one of my favourite underdog stories with my Oilers, and he's impossible not to like.

But I'm rooting hard for the caps in that series.

And agreed, on the changing allegiances comment... even if he is a Flyers fan first, he seemed to be a little TOO pumped about the Sabres last year. I just don't get it.
Devils!!! Kevin Smith's blog has been hysterical.

In all seriousness, though, I'm sure all of us can agree that it's nice having hockey get some attention for once.
I just got back from the Flyers game tonight, to this! Let's go Flyers!!!! They won, so I'm happy and I'm guessing Mr. Boreanaz is, too. :)
As a rule, I dislike any Flyer's fans (Since I'm a lifelong Penguins' fan), but maybe I'll have to make an exception for David Boreanaz.

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