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April 15 2008

Kiss the Bride - Trailer and stills, includes Amber Benson. Movie synopsis, trailer, and production stills. Amber, as ever, looks amazing.

Huh. Is it bad of me that I'm sitting here pondering whether or not my love for Amber (which I would have said knows no bounds) outweighs my aversion to Tori Spelling? I want to support Amber, but seriously?

And yes, Amber looks gorgeous.

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They could have the entire cast of Buffy and Angel, as their characters from both those shows, in this movie, and you still couldn't pay me to see it. Yuck upon yuck. Look for this to go straight to the DVD discount bargain bin at your local CVS Pharmacy.
You're probably right. Maybe somebody will put up the Amber bits on youtube and that way I can see her without wading through the rest of it. Because now that I've actually watched the trailer instead of just reading the overview/looking at the pictures, I've got to I don't love Amber that much.

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Oh, wow. That truly looks horrible. Amber looks great, at least.
I will proudly support this production with happy thoughts and well-wishes from a safe distance. Possibly in a bunker of some kind.

And yeah, Amber is as lovely as ever.
But naysayers, that one guys hot...

I don't think I'll ever get to see this but if I could, I would, for Amber andeyecandy.

I love Amber.
Interesting. Jane Cho - who features much in that trailer - played a nurse in BtVS - "Villains".
I like Tori Spelling! And Amber,too, natch...
My love of all thing Amber and boykissing are warring with the fact that this is a Tori Spelling vehicle.

Although So NoTORIous was surprisingly rather good. And also featured boykissing.
Based on the trailer - not enough Amber.
Well, at least they didn't show all (or indeed any of) the best bits in the trailer.

Unless they did, in which case ... Hmm.

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