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April 16 2008

Vote in the "Greatest Franchise on DVD ever" poll. The Buffyverse goes head to head with the likes of Doctor Who and Stargate in the semifinals of Agent DVD's poll. The choices have be considered on the criteria of quality and "cultural impact, longevity, spinoff potential and breadth of influence".

Which puts a slightly different twist on the usual "best of" polls (via the ever wonderful

Well, it has to be 'Star Trek' then, surely ? It's almost as old as 'Doctor Who', has numerous spin-offs, has impacted popular culture hugely and even inspired scientists etc. to invent and theorise. Breadth of influence is pretty tough to measure but i'd speculate that no SF&F creator under 50 in the US (and even elsewhere) wasn't influenced at least slightly by Trek (even if it's - as with Joss - to create an UnTrek ;).

Probably 'Doctor Who' next then Buffy with the others in various positions behind.
Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek! All you young'uns with your silly Star Wars obsession, Star Trek is the one and only. ;-D Well, except for under TV selections, where I picked Buffy of course. And Bond for Action, naturally.

I was pretty meh about the rest of them. Their comedy franchises are pretty lame, but I guess that's the nature of the beast. I was also a little torn on what constitutes the most important element -- I wanted to pick both impact and entertainment because you can't have one without the other. Silly people with no multiple pick options!
How did the Matrix films not make it onto either the SciFi or the Action list? Maybe the poll creators are like me and they pretend the two sequels never existed.
Star Trek is very important. In fact, not long ago I made my daughter (who has watched TNG with us), sit down and watch a couple of the originals. She protested, but I explained to her that although I don't really like them either, it's my duty as a mother to make sure she has a proper cultural education. Schools these days just don't cover the necessary sci-fi curriculum. Budget problems, I guess.
Dr.Who certainly deserve to be at the head of the class, but Star Trek is a strong candidate because of longevity and spinoffs.

Nothing else even comes close to Dr. Who in productivity and media saturation. 40+ years on television, spin offs, movie adaptations, books, comics, radio series productions.
I dunno, huge Who fan here but 'Star Trek' surely has more spin-offs, more movies, arguably more books/comics etc. and is only about 3 years younger than DW. On balance i'd say Trek has to take it.
To be "based on percieved cultural impact" and "longevity" made it very hard not to vote for M*A*S*H, but dutifully I voted for Buffy/Angel because of its "lasting impact" on me :)
I personally measure these things by offhand references in pop culture ... imagery included in pop/rock songs, jokes made by talk-show hosts, quotes or character-references slipped into the dialogue of sitcoms, etc.
I agree with Ghalev, which is why I think it has to be Trek. Right?
"I dunno, huge Who fan here but 'Star Trek' surely has more spin-offs, more movies, arguably more books/comics etc. and is only about 3 years younger than DW. On balance i'd say Trek has to take it."

...and I get the feeling Star Trek is very well known in the rest of the world. Sorry, but, though I enjoy it, Dr. Who is not well known in the USA. The new ones are being shown on cable, but the old ones were only shown occasionally on educational TV way back when. Some people saw them, but most of the US missed them completely.
I'm sorry, what was the question? I voted "BtVS".
If we are approaching this from the perspective of American audiences, I think clearly 'Star Trek' is the obvious choice. However, if not, it then becomes a two-way tie between 'Star Trek' and 'Doctor Who', which has been broadcast around the world. 'Star Trek' possibly still has the edge, but I don't think the impact and popularity of 'Doctor Who' should be underestimated too much.
I kinda think I'd have to go with "Star Wars" for cultural impact.

"Star Trek" is still relegated to a more SciFi fan base I think, whereas "Star Wars" really oozed its way into the broader popular consciousness just through its insidious (sorry, intelligent) merchandising alone. I mean..."Star Wars" tricycles? Way to get your story out. Get 'em while they're young and rope in the parents as well.

It's just a simpler and more accessible storyline. So...bigger impact, what with the lowest common denominator and all.
Entertainment value = Buffy.

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