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April 16 2008

"We've already started staffing on 'Sarah Connor'". Kevin Reilly, Fox Entertainment President, gives hope for a second season of Summer Glau's new show.

It's just so odd that they still have to couch it in terms of "expected" to come back and "lead candidates." I guess they can't formally announce that a second season is ordered until all the ink is dry on the relevant papers and all that, but man ...
I know. It is faintly ridiculous. I assume that the show is a lock-in for renewal. But they can't or won't say anything official until next month at the upfronts or whatever they're called.
My main hope is that the people directly involved - the actors, the crew, folks like that - have been given off-the-record reassuring phone calls or whatever. It's bad enough to be left hanging as a fan, but it would be downright cruel to have people not knowing whether they're job-hunting :/

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Reading his comments there, I'd be extremely surprised if it isn't renewed and announced at the upfronts.

Two things about Kevin - great name, and every I've interview I've read with him so far suggests he knows his stuff. He gets drama development. Thankfully.
Reilly would have never said a thing if it wasn't a complete done deal. You don't staff shows that you aren't going to bring back. I'm sure they are just waiting on the lawyers and/or upfronts.
Love the 3rd tag.
I finally got around to giving this show a watch and I was pleasantly surprised, it's pretty good. Yeah, I'm thinking the chances are good Fox will renew for a second season.

Of course, never hurts that Summer is quite an eyeful.
I read the title as "We've already started stuffing up Sarah Connor."

Even though that could definitely work as a title, I think it may be that I just need glasses.
Ha ha! I hadn't noticed the tags until you pointed them out jcs! Good one Simon!

I really enjoyed this show and am happy that it is looking like it will be back!
Simon, I'm sure you're right that it's a lock-in for renewal. I thought the first half-season was really strong and took its premise seriously; with time-travel plots some things can happen but not anything at all, and the writers are doing a good job -- not to mention Summer's excellent extension of what we know about terminators (and hints at how little we know about her character yet). Season 2 could be amazing.

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