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April 16 2008

Happy Birthday, Sean Maher! Our favorite uptight Doctor is 33 years old today. Hadn't seen a post about it yet, anywhere, so... :)

Congratulations Sean
33 is a good number. :)
A very happy birthday to you! :D
Loved him in Living 'til the End. He's good like that. :)
Happy B-day gorgeous :)
Happy birthday, Sean!
Happy Birthday Sean-y babe. All of the best people are 33!

The phrase 'favourite uptight Doctor' made me think of David Tennant. Why is that so?
Happy birthday! :-D
Happy birthday to a very capable actor :) Really, the balance in Maher's portrayal of Simon is something to marvel at ... keeping the character's icy/uptight elements consistent, but also showing us the warmth, loyalty, and nostalgia underneath, without either side trumping the other or veering into parody ...

It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for, is what I'm saying. Happy happy happy, and many more!
Happy birthday, Sean!
Happy Birthday. I have seen both Living Til the End and Brian's Song...great portrayals in both. Hoping you and yours had a marvelous day.
Busy b'day week in the Whedonverse! :-) Happy birthday, Sean!

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