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April 16 2008

David Boreanaz offers child-fan a job! No really he did! At the Paley convention for Bones, though I think it was in jest.

This lady took her son with her and mixes a report on the convention itself with the excitement of a youngster at such an event.

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That was a thoroughly adorable read. I so love the fact that he brought his puppet Angel.
That is fantastic- makes me wonder if I should have children myself, just so I can take them to events like this.
But, nah!

(O/T-I was at a con where James Leary was talking in graphic detail about '*%#!stars', not realizing there were kiddies in the audience. You should have seen his face once he did- it was priceless!)

There are some very interesting spoilers down the bottom of the page though, or is that common knowledge for US viewers and I'm just an Aussie behind the 8-ball, as per usual?
PLEASE try to be careful of punctuation and grammar for readability. Ellipses aren't necessary between EVERY sentence, just trust me on this one; I learned it the hard way ;)
Okay, this really makes me like David. And the rest of the cast, for that matter. I love people who are good to kids.

As a pre-service teacher, I can guarantee that kids don't get 90% of dirty jokes/references. I have sixth graders who think they're big and bad--my mentor teacher and I will often say something questionable, and not a single student will bat an eyelash.
And these aren't subtle things. Once, there was a mention of a brick house (on the Muppets, no less!)...I laughed, the students looked at me like I was insane.
But ... zeit ... how else can we ... communicate our ... breathless ... exuberance?
Aw, this was a fun read! I love it when kids are fans, too. I can totally identify with the creative approach to waiting in line. And he had an Angel puppet. Adorable. My daughter would love an Angel puppet. Shoot, I'd love one.
Awesome! I love that he used the angel puppet to raise his just makes it so much easier for Hart Hanson to see him! And it's wonderful that he got photos of all the cast members. They really seem to be fantastic people who love their work and their fans. I'm soooo glad about the spoiler questions. I desperately wanted to know about all those storylines!
Ah, I love Bones. I just discovered it this year on the play-backs on TNT... guess I'd better buy the DVD boxed sets so I'm ready for season 4.

Just think! Next fall we'll have:
-Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

I love fall! :)
Ronan had a marvelous time, and the cast all made him feel extra special! I loved how well the cast all got along with one another, it really felt like we were all part of a big family party.
I cannot wait til fall either, don't forget Chuck ;)

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