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April 17 2008

Dollhouse gets a new cast member. Variety reports that Harry Lennix has been added to the pilot. ETA: Joss confirms the other new cast members, Miracle Laurie and Amy Acker!

Talented actor, he so looks like our favourite operative.
Ooooo that guy. I liked his work on '24'.
So I guess he's Boyd. I checked him out on IMDB, he's only 44, so looks like the father figure angle is more of a big brother angle.
I recognize him most from The Matrix sequels. I'll be interested to see his take on whatever Whedon's glorious mind throws his way. If he is cast as Boyd, I'm guessing by being added to the pilot he's been added to all of the 7 episodes (that's assuming they'll all be filmed before the first of the seven airs).
Oh. My. God. Totally awesome! I loved him in Titus.
Ooo, how strange, I saw him yesterday on Diagnosis Murder and imdb'd him to see where I knew him from (ER) - didn't think I'd be doing that again so soon!
I can't remember him from "The Matrix", so he's a new face to me. All regular parts have been cast now, only the two recurring characters are left to cast. Color me excited.
Know him well enough from '24', excellent actor. Some real thesp quality in this cast with Olivia too. Quite a different set of characters from anything we've seen in Buffy/Angel/Firefly, which is good to see. Joss is doing a great job of crafting a new world without falling back on old habits.
I think it might be harder to fall in love with this cast, or their characters, anyway, even if you admire their acting. The nominal good-guys, the dolls, have no personalities of their own, and most of the other characters are amoral schemers and controllers. It'll be interesting to see if they've got enough flair and charisma to make us care about them anyway.
I've avoided the "sides" etc. but I suspect that at least some of the amoral schemers will be less clear-cut baddies and more damaged people in a screwed up situation trying to do their best. If you've seen 'The Inside' then think Virgil 'Webs' Webster Shambleau - undoubtedly a schemer, arguably amoral but still, to some extent, sympathetic (and certainly a great character IMO). Long story short, I fully expect to love (or maybe "enjoy" is a better word) the characters while not always liking them as people (Joss has done that in every show so far, reckon it'd be weird if he stopped now ;).

Harry Lennix was great in his 'House' guest spot (where he played a world weary blues man) and had a real hard-as-nails vibe in the Matrix sequels so I reckon he's a good choice for a guard/bodyguard. And 'fatherly' isn't a huge stretch, depending on how world weary/emotionally battered he wants to play it (even given the actors' real ages he's - just - old enough to be Eliza's father, never mind if she plays slightly younger and he plays slightly older).
Oh yeh he was the angry leader guy in the matrix sequels. Hated that prick.
Oh. My. God. Totally awesome! I loved him in Titus.

When I saw the pic I thought, "I know that guy" but I don't watch 24. When I saw that he was Aaron from Titus I got a shiver. Ooooooh this is gonna be goooooood.
Y'know, I was originally wanting Andre Braugher for this role. I think I always sort of internally saw an African-American actor for the part.

Lennix looks fabulous, and I loved him in his "House" guest spot. I also think he captures that "on the cusp between attractive moving into fatherly" kind of vibe well.
Fantastic! Another great actor added to Dollhouse's roster. I'm going to go bounce around the house in joy now!
Oh yeh he was the angry leader guy in the matrix sequels. Hated that prick.

Ah, that's why he looks familiar. That was a good character. Not so good movies, but some good acting there. Glad to see he's on board.
Hi campers. We're having the read-through of the script today. Why would I be nervous? YOU'RE nervous! Anyhoo, I just couldn't resist letting you know that the recurring roles have actually been cast for some time now. I'm shocked that any part of our casting process hasn't been leaked somehow. And though I'm a fan of secrets, I'll give you the last two pieces of this particular puzzle:

November (who will be recurring but does not appear in the pilot) will be played by the luminous Miracle Laurie.

Dr. Claire Saunders will be played by... yet another name I'm gonna have trouble remembering how to spell... Amy Acker.

All in all, pound for pound, soup to nuts, man vs beast, it's a pretty amazing ensemble. I'm not sure how I landed this troupe, but rest assured I'm gonna write bestest good word for talkacting to them yes! They're in good hands.

Onward... to adventure! -j.
Awesome, Mista J, awesome.
Woot ! Return of Amy Acker ! Amy Acker Rides ! Guns of Am- ... too much ? 'K. Happy though. Lots of happy.

Cheers for that Joss. Secretly we all actually know the stories up to the 4th season, we're just bein' discreet.

(I may be one of about 4 people that automatically wanted to say "Hi-de-hi !" when I read the opening of that post. We few, we happy few ...)
Sweet news, thanks for sharing with us, Jossus.

(sorry couldn't resist after that article)
Joss: "I'm gonna write bestest good word for talkacting..."

So glad that time off writing during the WGA strike hasn't affected his writing skills one whit and that he still writes as good - maybe gooder.

Thanks for the update, Jossir - I dunno The Luminous Laurie yet, but the Return of Lady Acker to the little screen in one of your shows is beyond a good happy thing.

Good reading... may legs be broken and like that.
Amy Acker? Really? That right there is fabulous news! I have a feeling this thread is shortly going to become a place where everyone comes to squee.

So I'll start: Squee!
Yay for Amy Acker!

Info on Miracle Laurie: here
Dr. Claire Saunders will be played by... yet another name I'm gonna have trouble remembering how to spell... Amy Acker.
Oh. My. God. Totally awesome! I loved her in Titus.

I think the important thing about Miracle Laurie - aside from her apparent beauty and her relative newtivity - is that she can play blackjack & poker and knows Polynesian dancing - ooh, plus, she's tall.
Oh. My. God. Totally awesome! I loved her in Titus.


Oh. My. God. Totally awesome! I loved you in Titus, Polter-Cow.


ETA - and we all thought that Miracle Laurie was one of Hugh's many nicknames...
Yay Amy Acker back in Whedonland. That is truly great news! And yay Harry Lennix, who was fantastic in "Titus." And since she's part of a trend, yay, Miracle Laurie -- if she's grouped in with Acker and Lennix, even though I know nothing about her, I will surmise she is yay-worthy also.
Thats great about Amy!:) I'm glad that its not a Buffy/Angel/Firefly reunion...but I cant say no to Amy:)
It's actually physically impossible to say no to Amy...I tried it once, couldn't move for days.

Any Amy is good Amy...
But more Amy is better.

Another thing about Miracle Laurie ? Accents. She seems to have a few, which may well be pertinent.

Plus, she can generally swim, which, though worse than specific swimming is better than vaguely drowning.
I am amazed that this did not leak by some other means.
Heeeee, zeitgeist.

I think Miracle Laurie should spend her spare time on Tim's new series, Miracle Man. Because that would be funny. To me. And five other people.
Happiness! Mostly new (to me) faces with a bit of the beloved familiar.
And a Televisionary rave review of the script--the news just keeps getting better. Or should I say gooder?
OMG. Amy Acker! Fantastic. And I like Lennix as well. This is looking better and better.
Thanks Jossus, for the amazing news.

(hey, if Damon, can have fun with that article, why can't I.... and maybe we'll actually make it prominent in the interweb thingie)

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2008-04-17 16:44 ]
Plus, she can generally swim, which, though worse than specific swimming is better than vaguely drowning.

Yes, I've always thought so.
Holy socks! When I expressed my desire for Amy Acker to be in Dollhouse a couple weeks back I didn't actually think my wish would be granted! For my next wish, how about Michael Muhney as a sexy, shirtless Doll??
Stating the obvious, but I couldn't be more pleased that (with Sierra and this gentleman) we have another diverse cast. I've heard people point out an apparent trajectory, Buffy all white, Angel less so, Firefly even less so, and I'm very happy to see it continue. I absolutely think Joss just found the right actors for his parts, but that doesn't mean I can't be excited about it.

Amy Acker and Olivia Williams acting together! Squee from impending brilliance!

Also: Hah, Saje. And as another Amy, I say keep on with the Amy love! This thread got way more flattering when the last name fell off.
Thanks for the update. Break a leg on the read through.

(Hmmm, would that be the right thing to say to a writer? I have no idea, but Joss acts sometimes and a read through involves actors so I'm going with it.)

I must admit, somehow the Amy Acker news just does not seem that surprising.
and I'm very happy to see it continue

Yeah, down with whitey!!! Er... wait :)

Totally joking, just giddy about casting news/read-through. I, too, believe that Joss just found his cast and that their race/color/having-appeared-in-Titus made no difference either way.
Amy Acker - the name rings a bell!

Ah, so pleased about this! Amy and Tahmoh (OK, and all the others). Couldn't be happier!
Awesome news. I think Mr. Lennix is a good choice for the handler of Echo. And Amy will rock as Dr. Saunders.
Oh wow! Oh wow! Just Oh! and Wow!
Lennix was good in 24, so that's awesome.
Laurie will hopefully turn out to be a new refreshing face on TV, I have complete fait that she will be.
Amy Acker...Amy Acker...OH, her. Yeah, she's pretty good, I guess. Looks good in a lab coat, if I recall correctly :P
Amy! That is fabulous. And I love everything I have seen Lennix do. Yay for that too.
I saw Miracle Laurie in an off-Broadway revival of Titus, Polter-Cow years ago and she was amazing. I think she used her British, Canadian and her Southern accents, and there were lots of roller-skating mimes.

Then she wiped mud on her face and drove a manual transmission, and there was a guy with cheese slices.

Wow, that must have been after Julie Taymor smoked the happy crack.
Miracle Laurie does look like a "November" doesn't she? I think it's the hair. Kind of Novembery. Quite the list of accents too.

So how long before the musical mission?
Yay! Amy Acker!
How do I say this? No offense to other Whedon alumni, but I think casting Amy Acker was a true.coup. And I didn't say that just 'cause I like rhyming. I'm thrilled.
Oh my. Amy Acker was my suggestion for Claire as soon as the casting side came out for the character. She was my idea cast member. Like, seriously. Not just because she's Acker, but because I read it AS HER in my head, if you get what I mean.

Hooray! Thanks, Joss.
The Amy Acker casting news is great, and I think she rounds out an amazing group of actors! How long do we have to wait for the pilot?! Is it about 5 months or so? Don't get me wrong--definitely worth the wait.
I see Miracle Laurie as another young actor, without a lot of experience of whom we will, in future years, say "We saw her on a Joss show first". Nicholas B., David B, Morena B. Some had training, some did not, all were perfect for their roles. I expect great things of her.
And Amy! Woot!
I want more Whedonverse actors in this! PLEAAAAAAASE!!
Well, they're all Whedonverse actors now. ;)

And yay for Amy!!!
This is news that gives me a happy. So glad to hear it!

(Joss, go grab Mia Wasikowska while you can. Just saying...)
Amy Acker? Are you frakking kidding me? That makes my day.

I originally was against too much Buffyverse actors on DOLLHOUSE, but Amy hasn't had too much to do on "Angel" and I'm going to be really happy to see her again on something I actually watch. :)

Miracle looks sort of cute. :)
I cannot wait to see Eliza and Amy together on screen! Wooooot!
and there were lots of roller-skating mimes.

Its hard to beat roller-skating mimes. Unless you have a lead pipe or a baseball bat handy. *bad joke noise*
And thus broke out the dance of joy. How nice of Joss to give us an update filled with secrety-goodness. I am so excited to see Amy Acker in this role. And Miracle Laurie does indeed look luminous. (Also, I love Titus, Lennix was great in it. Do I get any points for my casting prognostication about T.V. Carpio? Sure she wasn't cast but she's from a Taymor film and so is Lennix, two in fact. Doesn't that seem one of those close enough type of things? Right? :)
Well, they're all Whedonverse actors now.

Yes, thank you.
Well, I'm a sad little freak who just lives in her room all day and never gets out to see any movies, so...I don't know who any of the other actors are, aside from Eliza and Amy.

Hmm...though...that sorta gives me an idea for a third Dollhouse fic - a recluse who hires a Doll as a date, and then passes away, leaving their entire estate to the Doll in the will.
Oh and good luck with the read through. I'm more aware of what goes on in them having watched Doctor Who Confidential. They look like nerve wracking fun.
Amy Acker!!?! I'm really bouncing around the house now! Squeeeee!
I squeed with such energy that my coworker that I'd gotten the mortgage financing I've been working on. And then I coined a new term:

"I've got geekbumps!"

I'd just been saying to her the other day that I wanted Amy in that role.
Eliza.Amy.Joss. If I looked "happiness" up in any dictionary, I'm pretty sure I'd find exactly THAT.
I'm more aware of what goes on in them having watched Doctor Who Confidential.
Simon, who's narrating those this year? Simon Pegg did them in S2, after having been a villain in S1. Then ASH did them in S3, after having been a villain in S2.
"geekbumps"! swanjun, I just laughed so hard, my daughter gave me "the look". But that's it, exactly! :)
swanjun Tony is still doing them.
swanjun, "geekbumps' is adorable and spot-on both, and I was gonna give you props for word-coinage 'cause I'd never heard anyone use it before, but a google brings us 172 hits and a website under construction.

Still, good zeitgeist-tapping, and nossir, I don't mean you, orange guy - 'cause that would be rude... which I never am. (Though... I... do... overdo... the... Exhuberant... Ellipses... that's... true...)

Oh Sweet Fancy Jossus, I am getting pretty stoked about Dollhouse, I must confess. Though I am saddened by the Goners-stalledness, I always jonesed most for a Joss-series, and this is shaping up to be quite The Exciting Project. We owe Eliza and her Fox-deal (oh, and that bathroom- wherever it was) quite the Debt of Gratitude.

Just think... the Dollhouse readthrough... is going on as we speak... probably just minutes away from me...!?!!
Hee, at least if I'm not the first, I'm within the first 200? :)

Random Tidbits:
If we really are adopting the name Jossus, does this mean we can start converting hymn lyrics to our own ends?

"At the name of Jossus, every knee shall bow..." o/~

Also... what a brunette cast. I was just remarking the same about Torchwood recently. Fran's hair is really going to stand out now!

[ edited by swanjun on 2008-04-17 19:29 ]
I'm already so excited about this show! I'm thrilled that Amy Acker is joining the cast (but I still kind of wish Alexis Denisoff was going to be on it too)! Thank you for posting Jossus: you are the bestest writer of words for talkacting.... I can't wait.
"Though I walk through the valley of darkness, I shall not fear.
The Joss is my shepherd..." :)
To the tune of Jesus Loves Me:

"Jossus loves to bring us shows.
But as ev'rybody knows,
All should be prepared to cry
'cos somebody is gonna die."

*bows, accepts roses*
Aw, this show is getting better and better by the minute! What's next, a cameo from our Joss on the show??
The Joss is my shepherd..."

Yeah but then we come to his rod comforting us which, y'know, is more unsettlin' than comforting.

Its hard to beat roller-skating mimes. Unless you have a lead pipe or a baseball bat handy. *bad joke noise*

I like to carry at least two invisible boxes everywhere, just in case. Non-existent strong winds also work.

I'm more aware of what goes on in them having watched Doctor Who Confidential.

Loved that. Very informative and insighty.

(and "geekbumps", heh ;)
I am clearly not going to get any serious work done tonight due to uncontrollable squeeing.

My daughter just came up to the computer and saw your song, swanjun. I gave her the tune and she sang it - really loudly. Then she said you were right and listed everyone who died in both Buffy and Angel with a smile on her face. It does the heart good! :)
Hell yeah! Amy Acker is my all-time favorite actress. It'll be great to see her on screen again. I hope Joss doesn't kill her off TOO soon!
Weeeeeeeeeeee! Tremendous news. Get more and more excited about this with every snippet of news that comes out.

Can't wait to see more. What will the theme be? Well known song? Joss' own composition? Instrumental? Something minimilist like Lost? Normal footage credit sequence, or something fancy like Chuck? Aaaaaaah I want to see it NOW!
Called it.

No, really.

Now I'm imagining the headlines tomorrow: "WHEDON CASTS ACKER; In related news, the sun came up."
How can this not be great? Its gonna be great, I just know..
Woohoo! Amy Acker!

Thanks for the news, Joss. Enjoy the read-through... ;-)
I dunno. I think maybe Joss has been limiting himself, and he should compose and record the theme by himself, without using any sounds made by his mouth or vocal cords.
This news made me so happy that I actually jumped out of my chair... and then got my legs tangled up in it and fell on the ground. But, I felt no pain, not when I have such great news like this staring me in the face (actually, it was more like staring down at me 'cause I was on the floor).

Amy Acker, my favorite actress in the history of the cosmos, is going to be in Dollhouse in the role that I had envisioned her playing. That just made my day, it made my yesterday, and it made my tomorrow (and many tomorrows to come). Now, I must continue to rant in silent about how happy I am.

And, oh, hooray for the new faces as well. Always like the new faces.
Just adding my complete yay and loud squee to the Amy news. So when is this airing in the UK again?

Tsk tsk Ausiello, it's Topher who's feeling ambivalent about Dr. Saunders, not the other way round!
Add my squee to the fray - and a sense of relief that soon we will be able to fully discuss Dollhouse and all of the related Whedoney goodness that it will contain!
Amy Ackre?

Never heard of her.


Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Oh did I say AWESOME!
I was so excited about this, I forgot to say anything!

Best news of the week. Month. Year.
No one's mentioned that Miracle has (or had) a ukulele cover band called Uke Box Hero?
Wow. Oh, wow. I can’t believe that just some hours ago I watched a taped episode of Ghost Whisperer and was really into it because Amy knocked her ghost act right out of the field. And now I find out that she’s back under the gooder than good writing? Happy is such a puny word right now.

And seeing as I’m going through major House withdrawal (why are the days so slow!!) I did have a split-second of glee that Hugh Laurie was seduced into the dark side. And Harry Lennix? Mmm, me needs to recheck House again. What is this Titus you speak of?
Amy Acker, AMY ACKER, Amy Acker, da da...

Sorry, I'm doing my "Amy Acker Happy Dance".

*thinks about Amy and Eliza on the same show*

...I'll be in my bunk...

Great news!

[ edited by LaneMeyer on 2008-04-17 20:42 ]
Infinite yay for Amy! She was the Whedonverse alum I wanted most in Dollhouse (along with Jonathan M. Woodward, of course).

Also, having recently begun watching Battlestar Galactica, I'm now excited about Tahmoh Penikett. Even if I find his character to be kind of annoying at times.

[ edited by Racoon Boy on 2008-04-17 20:46 ]
I think maybe Joss has been limiting himself, and he should compose and record the theme by himself, without using any sounds made by his mouth or vocal cords.

Well, I heard he kills on the spoons. That'd make for a "unique" theme tune.
Aah, I blew the joke. I meant to say "without instruments" too. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Musical instruments or instruments of any kind? The plot sickens, er, thickens! ;) Heh, posted that and then thought of the quote "Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right."
omg!!!! I can't believe Amy Acker is going to be on the show. I am so thrilled! I cannot wait to see the final product. I know it will be brilliant.
Maybe the theme could go something like this:

___________ (fill in a character), clad only in bubble wrap,
will perform her famous lawn chair handcuff dance,
to the sound of iced tea being stirred. ;)
This is the theme to Eliza's show.
I wrote the theme to Eliza's show.
Eliza called me up and we went out to have some coffee.
I went into the bathroom
And came out with a winner.
This is the theme to Eliza's brand new show.
My idea was a lot cruder, actual. I can't remember where I know yours from, over. And the plot sickens, indeed.
I suppose the show will be too dark to have a theme song that loops in playfully forgetful fashion.
La Vie Boheme (Rent) is where free-associating from your post took me, dreamlogic. I have a bit of a jukebox brain. (OK, now I've dated myself.)
I suppose the show will be too dark to have a theme song that loops in playfully forgetful fashion.

That might be awesome. Or maybe too dark.
I'm far too excited to go on working today. Do you think my boss will understand?
YAY Amy is back!
Man. I get the buzzing over Amy, but seriously, no one care about UKE BOX HERO?! Priorities, people.
Hmm. If Echo's singing it, maybe it could be more positive.

This is the song I won't forget
And I have not been mindwiped yet
When I started singing it
I don't know who I was
But I'll start over singing it
Next mission just because

Or maybe it should be "have been mindwiped." Is that what they do to remove mission memories, or set your new personality in place, or both?
Well, I said jukebox above and I'm a foreigner - does that count towards something, b!X?

OK. Really, I'll stop now. O happy day.
Thanks, sunfire. Now that will be in my head for the rest of the day. With the ukelele back up. (Why was that not under her list of skills?)
Dear Mr Ausiello, is not Josses'ses's' blog.

It's mine. MINE. MIIIIINE. I just lend it to him and 6000+ members on a regular basis.
I was actually going to say that upthread, but changed my mind :) I almost corrected you to 7200+ members, but really, not all of the members are regular (some of them are quite irregular... where the hell is this going? you might well wonder), plus some of them banned for shipping ;)
He also claims most were his scoops, but I am highly dubious.
He scooped them fair and square by reading Whedonesque ;)
Actually that "irregularity" sorted itself out (just needed more roughage).

(Why was that not under her list of skills?)

The Ukulele isn't a skill, it's a way of life, a calling if you will.
He scooped them fair and square by reading Whedonesque ;)

More like Kristin. I think she's ahead on the Dollhouse scoops.

I await the Dollhouse episode where a fandom pays for the Dolls to act out the next season of a crictically acclaimed cancelled vampire genre show.
As in eating bugs, Saje? :)
When will the official "Count down to the Dollhouse Pilot" start? I wanna have a big clock showing months, days, hours and seconds please :)
'xactly MysticSlug ;).

(good protein, good roughage - it's the food of the future, telling you ;)
The Ukulele isn't a skill, it's a way of life, a calling if you will.

Well you could say the same about underwater rollerskating mimes, but they never get any respect.
Seeing as that show was made for such a niche audience, Simon,I doubt anyone would get the reference. Works for me though!

Today has been fun. Tomorrow is work and I gots to go. Have fun with the revelling!
Yay! Squee!! Yippee!! OMG!!! I was already over the top excited about this show with just Joss and Eliza, then Tahmoh Penikett and now Amy!!! My head has officially exploded!! Off to clean up the mess!!
That's probably why she left that off her CV too hacksaway.

(must say, i'd tug the old forelock to 'em, roller-skating underwater isn't something just anyone can do)
Saje; you're that post reminde you of "The Old Man Lives Down the Road" or perhaps "Minnie the Moocher," there?
Heee speaking of Kristin: Joss posted at Yay for Whedonverse our new exciting rival.
Heee speaking of Kristin: Joss posted at Yay for Whedonverse our new exciting rival.

I love You get a much better class of people than you do here. ;)
I don't know who the female singer is who does this cover, but when you all started talking theme songs, this one immediately leapt into my mind. It was used at the beginning of Jane Campion's In the Cut, and it's a minor-key, very eerie version of Que Sera, Sera. Or the usage of something similar would be very mood provoking.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2008-04-17 22:23 ]
So, Whedonverse is Joss' blog & it has 6000+ members? Are you sure it's not a message board?
Yeah, is definitely a messageboard (I heard Morgan Freeman plays one of the moderators). It's the kind of place where everybody knows your name, a sort of paradise where the rivers run with chocolate and the streets are paved with milk and honey. I think they may give out free gold too ... I mean, Whedonesque is alright too of course, don't get me wrong.

... that post reminde you of "The Old Man Lives Down the Road" or perhaps "Minnie the Moocher,"

This took some figuring out DaddyCatALSO but 'Minnie the Moocher' tipped it, you mean the "Hi-de-hi" thing (way ;) upthread, yeah ?

Nah, it's actually even more obscure than that (especially to a non-Brit ;). I wish it was as cool as a reference to "Minnie the Moocher", classic song.

(a character on the show would open up her public address/camp radio announcements with "Good morning campers, Hi-de-hi" ;)

Thinking on it though, guess it's not impossible the expression as used on the programme was referring to those lyrics (or to the phrase the lyrics were referring to) because the expected response to "Hi-de-hi" was "Ho-de-ho". Twisty turny.
Thank you Simon, The thing just made me fell out of the chair and I can't stop laughing. At least I'm already home, and not at work, which would make it embarrassing and kind of weird.
Seriously, '', did they not even bother to look at the link that came right after it? And who is this mysterious Josh Whedon's a mystery. You know, if you build it get the URL/board name right, here they all come. I'm kind of glad it gets lost in confusion sometimes. I do like that photo of Joss and Amy at that site though. They look all dewy and young(er).
Well, I could stay here and squee a little about Amy.

Or compose the theme-toon and sing the theme-toon.

But I'm off to join the fabled instead... I hear you get a free Amy Acker blow up doll with each registration!
If the members Zeitgeist mentions were banned for shipping would all chip in together, they could buy off whoever's linkfarming it and start their own flaming community. :o)
Awesomeness! Though I thought Claire was older? Anyhow, I am sure Amy will do a stellar job. Kind of kills my hopes for any appearance by AD though. I am sure they wouldn't have both Wesley and Fred on the new show, haha. Maybe a guest appearance *crosses fingers*

Does this mean that Amy is gonna have a wicked scar across her face?

Super excited about this show!
I don't know who the female singer is who does this cover, but when you all started talking theme songs, this one immediately leapt into my mind. It was used at the beginning of Jane Campion's In the Cut, and it's a minor-key, very eerie version of Que Sera, Sera. Or the usage of something similar would be very mood provoking.

I haven't seen In the Cut, but might the same song have been in Heathers?
Best news ever.

Well, today at least.
And suddenly Dollhouse just became that much more exciting to me. I mean, I didn't think it was possible--thus far, I haven't known any of the actors cast, so while I was interested I wasn't particularly giddy over any piece of casting news. But this, wow. Wow. I mean, wow.

Whee!! I cannot WAIT for the first episode.
And just when you thought Dollhouse couldn't possibly get better...

I absolutely cannot wait for this show to air!
Yay! Amy Acker!!! While I'm kinda sad that Miracle Laurie isn't anywhere near heavy (Plus size gals need some role models in today's world) I'm sure she was probably the best gal for the job, which is way more important than hiring a plus size gal who isn't!
Amy! Amy! Amy! How will I ever be able to wait until the fall????
In terms of Hollywood, she /is/, at 5'9" and 145.
I am so looking forward to this show - more with each new piece of news. What a great cast - a mixture of familiar and not-so-familiar faces. And all kinds of theme songs already. ;-)

Now I have "Hi de ho" as an earworm! Thanks, saje!
In terms of Hollywood, she /is/, at 5'9" and 145.

I was gonna say.

(Just thought I'd let the name have some space).

Also, in related news: kudos on a very amusing thread, my fellow whedonesquers! Please continue...
I haven't seen In the Cut, but might the same song have been in Heathers?

Thanks dreamlogic. I tried listening to The Heathers soundtrack at Amazon, but the music appears to be all instrumental. I did find out that a singer named Jennifer Terran's cover of Que Sera is currently being used in a Dell commercial so it's probably overused now ( But I don't think she's the same singer I heard during In the Cut, the soundtrack of which I can't find at all. Still a neat song though. least in the pictures I've seen she doesn't look heavy any more than Amber Benson looks heavy. Sure, in Hollywood she would be larger than "normal", but certainly not anywhere near heavy. I was just expecting more of a plus size model type when I read heavy, a size 12-16 but hey, again, acting is much more important than "look".

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I bet on screen, because of her height and the tininess of others, she'll look comparatively larger than them.
Wow. I am happy.
Especially Amy...

Her resume information may be skewed to Hollywood standards anyway. She might not really be a Mezzo Soprano.
OMG Amy Acker YaY!!!!! Joss I love you man!

Ahem.. I mean that's nice, yeah that's it.
Folks, he's just going to kill her off again...
*snicker* Well, the E! Commenters weren't easy on Kristin (I mean, really, how dare she claim to be a fan and 'sh' dear Joss?)... but, it worked. Link and name have been corrected.
Okay okay - excited now, or should I say more excited! Eliza and Amy!!!

The last piece is to bring in Tony to play the big bad!!!
It's the perfect fit and everyone knows that true bad guys have an accent - c'mon, there's Dracula, The Operative, Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale... the list goes on and on :)
and, if you will,
I will if you will.
Squee :) This is awesome news. Amy. Acker. Perfect.
This is very exciting. It's been a long time since I have really looked forward to a new TV show. I am truly thrilled!
Great news!!! I can't wait!!! I really admire Amy and Eliza. I am not yet familiar with the other folks. I can't wait until it is on! Do we know if it will premiere in September/October?
jenofthejungle, reports are that it may premiere very early fall. Nothing is official until mid-May, though, when the show will be officially unveiled to advertisers and press.

If I have my way -- I'm poking the right people and praying -- people might to get see it earlier than that. I haz a plan.

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I'm so happy about this. Me loves the Acker. I kinda hope she keeps the short hair too.
If I have my way -- I'm poking the right people and praying -- people might to get see it earlier than that. I haz a plan.


Psst that photo is not working on Flickr, esg.
Works for me (and short[er] hair looks lovely on her).
Teehee! Gossi, you crack me up! I would love to know this plan of yours...does it involve maniacal laughter?? ;)
Sorry I am not more knowledgeable about the new stuff! I have three little boys that keep me outta the loop. So, I don't get to post so much here. Plus, I get a little intimidated...*blush*. But I think this group is great!
Amy Acker weighs 145? Where, on some planet where post-it notes weigh ten pounds each? She still looks as willowy (not Willow-y) as she did on "Angel." I don't think even in the alternative universe of judgment that is U.S. TV standards she counts as plus-sized, just tall :)
I think people were talking about Miracle Laurie weighing 145, Shapenew. I don't think Amy could be considered plus-sized by any stretch of the imagination, not even in bizarro U.S. TV standards land.

Also: Amy looks great with short hair! It'd also be a nice way to visually remove herself more from the Fred/Illyria part, which would make it easier to accept her as a completely new person in Dollhouse. Not that I normally have a problem with actors in new parts, but when major Whedonverse actors turn up in other Whedonverse shows, I, for some reason, have trouble separating them from their previous parts (I, for instance, had trouble with Nathan in Buffy, but not in - say - Drive), which is one of the reasons why I usually like it when they cast new faces. Although in this case, I'm very excited about Amy.
Psst that photo is not working on Flickr, esg.

Well, it works for me, but if it doesn't work for you, leave a comment on the post. It's not my picture or my post, so I can't do anything about it.

BTW, 5'9 145 is in the "normal" range on the height/weight chart, right? Which, BTW, should be completely restructured, especially figuring our fitness-crazed culture (muscle weighs 3x more than fat, after all).

Maybe Joss will have Miracle gain some pounds like he did Jewel Staite for Firefly. Or maybe it doesn't matter. I don't like making an issue of someone's size, whether they be too fat or too skinny. It's the same old weight conscious problem we have in society, only reversed. Whatever Miracle's size, I'm sure she was the right one for the part, and that's all that matters to me.
Just a sidenote that BMI is bullshit anyway. Based on the current BMI definitions, Brad Pitt is overweight and George Clooney is obese.
The my photo you posted. If anyone have a problem seeing it, just go to the Whedonesque flickr pool (link on the home page). I posted it there this week, so it should be one of the first 10 photos shown.
My workplace has decided to ban flickr and its ilk as "photo searches," so I am deprived of seeing the cute short hair. Sniff.
reports are that it may premiere very early fall.

Doesn't Fox premiere some of its shows, or seasons of its shows, in August now? What with its broadcasting baseball in October and all?

Here's hoping for an August start.
Indeed, it has done that with Bones several times. That's a nice thought. :)
I am bathing in this lake of giddyness... as well as basking in the rays of squee.

While I float upon the rivers of praise, please let it be known that my happy thoughts are with you, but are too blissful for words right now.

End of August but still August. Cross 'em if you got 'em ;).
zeitgeist, heh to your long-buried response to my "yay diversity" post. Kill whitey indeed! (I find it funny how as a young white female I'm always rooting for there to be less of me in mainstream media)
Finally my balky computer is cooperating, so I can read long threads and post long posts (not so much a happy-making occasion for some, I'm sure) ;-)

I'm just stoopidly elated. Go Joss and company, even though the read-through has past, may many legs have been metaphorically broken. (Hey, Whedon show, metaphor is a given).

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