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April 17 2008

Alan Tudyk to star in new ABC pilot. And it's a comedy to boot.

You might recall that Alan had to pull out of last week's StarFury event due to work commitments with ABC.

Yep - new series from the creators of "Will & Grace" - looking forward to it even more now!
Fun premise, and very promising character. Brian Austin Green was supposedly previously attached to the role, but since he's gonna be a regular on Sarah Connor Chronicles.. it's interesting they went for the dorkier, more peculiar type for the gay guy rather than the attractive chiseled guy.
So he was working on something for ABC last weekend so couldn't come to Starfury Serenity:Complete! The doubters were wrong
That could be OK, they don't really go into the premise much so it's hard to judge.

Just the teensiest bit disappointed that it wasn't Nathan's comedy repo-men pilot though.
Alan has been in several Pilots in the past couple years. Here's hoping this one will Air. The odds of getting back onto TV are certainly in his favor. :)
dorkier, more peculiar type for the gay guy rather than the attractive chiseled guy.

Who says Alan's not attractive and chiseled? I think our very own large, semi-muscular man is a hottie in his own right, but I do get your point.
Oh, he's attractive alright, but not HW-leading man attractive, you know ? And that's not a bad thing.
Damn, I had fantasies Alan would end up in the Nathan Fillion-penned pilot sold to (?? - Ack. NBC? CBS?) Repo Brothers, since it was Alan who helped Nathan get the idea. I know that comes off as friend-related nepotism but can't help wishing it were so. Or, that they might end up in it together. Egotistical self-nepotism. Hey, we take what we can get of these Joss-y alums.

My dreams die hard. Like Jeff Goldblum not being in Dollhouse.

Sniff ... Someone hand me a hankie
Okay, is it wrong that I found the most exciting part of that article to be that Josh Dean is in a pilot? Yay Josh! (Went to high school with him).
Tonya J,

Why are you giving up on your fantasies so early? There hasn't even been any official anything of Repo Brothers. So at least keep the fantasy until we get some sort of official word.
it's interesting they went for the dorkier, more peculiar type for the gay guy rather than the attractive chiseled guy

He played a dorkier/peculiar gay guy in the movie 28 Days with Sandra Bullock and Viggo Mortensen. Great role and he did a wonderful job. Not my favorite movie but Alan (and Viggo) made it all worthwhile.
What was that about Goldblum?

This is cool, except for the fact that his pilot about lawyers is AWESOME! I was lucky enough to be a test audience for that (when it was, at the time, in NBC Universal's hand) over spring break. I really hope that one makes it to TV... and with Alan Tudyk.
nathanieletc, usually when someone moves on to a different pilot it means the first one is deader than a dead thing. I'm just saying.
FYI, Hollywood Reporter might have got Alan's part wrong in their article.
What was that about Goldblum?

:: Looks around, whistles ... what? :: No, I kept seeing Goldblum in the much older mentor role on Dollhouse, in part because I hated that his television show last year got cancelled and he was so excellent in it. I wanted to see him back in a show. Which is why my hopes, dreams, fantasies die hard sometimes when I can tell it ain't happening.
Tonya, I like that fantasy. May I join you?

(...huh, that's going to sound odd out of context...)
May I join you?

Of course. Let's hope Jeff and Alan come back to us soon.
Awesome. Want to start some sort of petition to Joss to write him in? Or are we taking this too far...?

'Raines' was bloody brilliant IMO, it deserved more than 7 episodes. That show could've become a 'Life' or 'Journeyman' in my affections but it never had the chance (and Alexa Davalos did as much acting in one ep as she did in the whole of 'Angel' or 'The Chronicles of Riddick' IMO - for the guest stars as much as the leads, it was a real actor's showcase).

He brings more "tics" than I normally like in a performance but Jeff Goldblum has charisma enough to even the scales I reckon. I'd watch him in 'Dollhouse' in a New York minute ;).
It's interesting you mention the "tics" Saje. I thought that was the least tic-like I've ever seen him. And the depth of emotion he brought to the character - when I read the Dollhouse character breakdowns, I went uh-huh, he definitely belongs in a Joss show.
Yep, agreed, he definitely dialled it down a lot Tonya. But "least tic-like" Jeff Goldblum is still pretty tic-ish I reckon ;).

And yep, depth. Part of what I enjoyed about it was the way the victims would change and develop as he learned about them so that you have two character arcs in every episode - the victim's compressed, intense one and Raines himself, as the scripts gradually teased out his character and the past events that shaped him. And then there was a mystery puzzle to solve each week too, made of win.

So obviously it was pre-cancelled and only ever made it to 7 episodes, stands to reason, right ? ;) and ;(

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