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April 17 2008

Episode 9 of The Guild is up.

That's the last of the season, right? What a cliffhanger!

I think the editing of the opening sequence was a less expensive version of the "cutting so shots don't match to indicate crazy" that Joss did with Glory and Faith.
There's still episode ten to go before the first season ends.
dreamlogic: those cuts are called "jump cuts" which is a bit easier to say :)
Albeit less descriptive ;).

(they do that stutter cut thing during Codex's opening pre-amble quite a bit don't they ? Or did they use it somewhere else that I missed ?)

Not sure how hilarious "locker-rape" is (unless that's actually an innocuous term that just sounds nasty) but it had some funny bits, as per usual. Ep 10 should be good what with "The Big Boss" ;).
I figured the (in show) reason was Codex turning her webcam off and on between things she said. In any case, those openings are always the best part of the show for me.
Yep, I reckon it's partly to remind us that what we're seeing is after stopping/editing (and yet it's still that goofy). Basically, that Codex is an open book (ahem ;).
Forgive my ignorance but what's this?
No, "jumpcut" is a term that I know, that doesn't encompass that style of montage. hacksaway I think I know what you're saying but I disagree. It doesn't follow the earlier ones, and I think it's meant to mean that Codex is falling apart (or maybe together) more.

Mark, this is the best show going right now. And it's free. Until you get addicted and have to pay for it.
I kind of adore Felicia Day. She's so pretty and funny. The fact that she gets to make a name for herself - on her own terms, no less - just makes me smile. I hope the musical Blog really launches her into the mainstream.
Seriously, most of them have it dl. I just picked episode 7 (at random) and sure enough, stutter cuts in Codex's opening pre-amble (while we hear Zaboo's Mum going at it in the background), episode 1 has some too (though not as many).

It often is at parts she might want to cut though so in that sense it suggests that she maybe had a bit of a rant and then calmed down and started recording again (so kind of "losing it" if not exactly how you mean it ;).
An open book, yes. I was trying to think of a word to describe her, but couldn't come up with anything. But I think I have a girl-crush on Felicia now.

dreamlogic-I'm sure you're right about the deeper meaning. I was just talking in terms of the character. I've always wondered who exactly she was talking to. Does she post these online or is it just a record of some sort?
Y'all are right about the ambiguity, I hadn't thought it through that far. Who is she talking to, and what does the editing mean? Answer, filmmakers! You'll find that we're rich marks, but we do need some answers now and then.
In some episode she actually says that she's talking to her webcam (i.e. to herself)

I took the opening sequence to be a sort of diary of the geek age. You know record yourself instead of writing it down. So essntially yes she's talking to herself is my take.
Mark, The Guild is a web series that basically does to MMO gamers what The Office did to office workers. It's written/produced by Felicia Day (the redhead who also plays the lead character), who was one of the potential slayers (Vi) on the seventh season of Buffy.

It was originally written as a pilot for a sitcom, but they rewrote it as a web series when they got feedback that it was too niche for mainstream networks. Most of the episodes were funded by PayPal donations from the fans, and the series won three big online series awards (SXSW, Yahoo and Youtube).

Joss also credits Felicia for making him realize that online series could be done right, which inspired him and his brothers to do their Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog series (which we're all eagerly awaiting).
Mark, this is the best show going right now. And it's free. Until you get addicted and have to pay for it.

Okay I just watched all nine webisodes @ youtube, I love it!
Felicia is adorable and funny.
I also think the guy who plays Zaboo is creepy and hilarious.

Er, that's not right. Zaboo is creepy. The guy who plays him is hilarious.

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Zaboo's more creepy than the man who cooks bacon while gaming??? THAT, I don't get. Riding on a 9-hour bus trip to "poo" in someone else's bathroom, photo-shopping dmv photos to represent a "couple", and attemping to hang yourself via ceiling fan I GET.

That bacon thing is just creepy.
The bacon thing may be weird, but what about the mother who lets her child chew on surge protectors!! - and other non-digestible items.

I loved that the one person who pretends to be disinterested in anything and everyone not only looked after the baby - well, after a fashion - but wore oven mitts while handling the baby. ;)

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