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August 09 2002

Sarah Michelle Gellar may kill off Buffy. SMG wishes to go out on top so she considers killing off Buffy when she leaves the show. You go girl!

I think that's Ananova's speculation off a London Evening Standard article. This story has been doing the rounds since the Scooby Doo promotion in the U.K. and has been reproduced a lot. She said she wants to leave the show after S7, but none of the interviews have quoted her saying she wants to "kill off Buffy".

Edited to add: I think it's all a game anyway. Actors say they'll be leaving, producers the series can go on without them. Pre-emptive negotiating.
Kill Buffy? Again? Nah---no reason to, she's not the current Slayer. Now if you said Eliza D. or Joss were wishing to kill off Faith---
If SMG's indications are political tactics to get more money in order to stay, she's fighting a losing battle. I happen to know of at least one easy way to write SMG out of the show without losing Buffy. The last time Faith was on the show, they established that there are ways for the spirit & mind of a person to be 'switched' into another body. What I'd like to see is a plot arc in season six which resulted in Willow & Buffy either accidently or purposefully switching places. So at the start of season seven it would still be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but Buffy would be played from that point on by Alyson Hannigan. Dark Willow would be in Buffy's body (played by SMG) and would only return when SMG felt like making a guest appearance. OR by a different actress and it could be explained in exposition that Dark Willow switched again into someone else, leaving Buffy's original body off camera indefinitely.

Sarah Michele Gellar is as expendable as Tom Baker was for Doctor Who. In actuality though I don't think SMG is playing politics. I think she honestly wants to go. She's been on the series for seven years, and now knows she has a good shot as a movie actress. She's probably had to say no to more than a few good movie roles, because they couldn't work around her Buffy schedule. It's gotta be frustrating.

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