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April 17 2008

(SPOILER) Alex Garner's cover for Angel: After the Fall #9! It's posted over at the RyallTime Blog.

Pretty, ain't it?

EDIT: Fixed to permanent link...I think.

That's a super-lovely cover. Mightn't this fall under spoilers, though? Maybe not.

Anyway, hooray AtF! Is it really come out as soon as June? That warms the heart.
A beautiful cover indeed. Not the greatest depiction of Fred (though considerably better than my stick figure depiction), but I really like the scary-lookin' Illyria in the background.

And, whoa, number nine comes out in June?
Is that Fred? Looks more like Nina.
Now that is a sweet cover!
Illyria is great and I'm sure that's supposed to be Fred, but it doesn't look much like her.
The Wesley likeness whas pretty damn spot on, I'd say.
I'm so happy to see Alex Garner doing another cover!
He's like the Jo Chen of the Angel series! :) He gets the characters pretty prefect and also pretty!

One thing about this cover though... I thought that was Willow at first... the hair looked a little bit red to me...
For half a second, I went "Buffy?" but then I looked again and it was clearly Fred.

I don't usually do this, but I couldn't resist...
I'd say that Wesley (oh my Wesley), Angel, and Illyria are all spot on, but are we sure that's Fred? I don't usually buy comics individually so I don't really know what happens after the first issue (I'm waiting for the June 25th release of the graphic novel) but I don't mind being spoiled...does everyone think that is Fred? (Unlike Fred my run-on sentences still are pretty pointless)
It's 100% positively Fred. I can't wait till June 25th!
Wow. I love the cover. Fred isn't really all that obvious, but I'm sure it's her. If I didn't know what Amy Acker looked like, I'd say the cover is perfect.
Probably my favorite cover yet.
That cover is just so very, very shiny.
It's like the cherry on the top of this most delightful, Amy Acker filled, day.

I love the depiction of Fred as Illyria's 'puppet'.
And I love more that Wes and Angel, all this time later, are still trying to 'save' her.
Since Alex Garner evidently is some master-class talent, the only possible explanation for him not getting Fred's likeness at all is that he was gloriously blinded by Amy's undeniable effulgence, as all us humans are.
This from the websites comment section:

Alicia "Kaden" Hackney said...

Between Joss saying Amy will now be on Dollhouse as well and this I'm having a Fredtastic day! That cover is so full of win.

I absolutely love Alex's work. You guys are doing an awesome job. I love After the Fall!
April 17, 2008 5:15 PM

Joss said Amy Acker is going to be on Dollhouse?. Who what in the where how?
I know it's supposed to be Fred, but it looks more like Darla on the cover. Dare I hope?
aus-mitch, check in yesterday's news, under the announcement of Harry Lennix as Boyd. Joss himself wrote the big news in the comments.
That's incredible ! One of my favourites so far.
Great cover. Hopefully Garner will do the covers for the rest of the run. Ah if we only had had him from the beginning!
Anybody know what the schedule for 7-9 will be? It's tough to plan when IDW isn't as on top of posting release dates as the other companies.
Love this cover! The colors are beautiful and Illyria looks fantastic!

Wow two exclamation points...I must relly love this cover.
CaptainB Issue 7 will be out in the middle of May, issue 8 at the start of June and issue 9 at the end of June.

Then issue 10 in July along with Spike #1.

Hope that helps somewhat.
Yes, thanks! They're really dishing them out. I wonder if After the Fall will still run around a year, but more around 15 issues?
I think it is scheduled to end either December or January. I am hoping that after After the Fall there will still be a canon Angel continuation. Judging by the success of AtF I'm sure there will be.

I miss Brian. Your geeky positive energy is missed, Brian (who I just know is lurking).
The strangest woman of all time. Is she woman or monster or... is she both?

Just paraphrasing the Hulk cover this is based on.

Great cover.
Illyria just looks kickass! Best. Character. EVER!
This is beautiful! Consider it my new background.
Cover is nice but that Fred depiction is rubbish. Completely off in my opiniong. This is where ATF fails mostly against Buffy S8, artwork. Chen = God.
*This is where ATF fails mostly against Buffy S8, artwork.*

Maybe the covers arent as good (although they are getting that way), but I would take the story and the interiors over Buffy anyday:)

(Not to stir up anything!Just prefer Angel is all:))

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