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April 18 2008

Giles cracks safes starting May 1. ASH is starring in new BBC drama "The Invisibles".

Neat concept, might check it out when it comes out, which would be in two weeks...

I'm so used of him being credited as Anthony Stewart Head, that I always smirk for BBC mostly crediting him only as Anthony Head, which I should be used having seen all the Doctor Who Confidential and Heroes Unmasked he's narrated.

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Name's changed IIRC. Sounds good, will definitely be having a look (there's a lot of comedy gold to be mined from old cons learning new tricks and both leads are aces in my book).
I thought I was going mad when I saw the ads as I was waiting for something called 'Desperados' to air on Saturday at 8 as I heard from Billy Ivory and was wondering why Tony was in two things at once (which the BBC hates). Wonder if it'll still go out at 8.
His daughter looks like him, doesn't she! Similar jawline and eyes.
It's not a name change; when he was filming BtVS in here in the States, there was already an actor in the unions who had been billed both as Anthony Head and as Tony D. Head, so ASH had to "go full format" here. Back home he just uses his "previously established identity."
DaddyCatALSO, I think Saje meant that the tv series title has changed from "Desperadoes" to "The Invisibles".
moley75; Thanks for clarifying. To quote Ignatz Mouse, "O-I-C now."
Hmm. Didn't the BBC previously bought the rights to make The Invisibles (based on the comic book), only to decide that "nobody understands telepathy"?

Feels a bit awkward seeing that name on something else...
My first thought daylight ;). Not sure primetime BBC audiences are ready for Morrison though (and Ellis would definitely leave them dribbling - i'm stopping the "Bring 'Fell' to TV" letters forthwith ;).

ETA: and yep, the programme name thing, not the ASH name thing DCA ;).

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To be honest, I'm not ready for Morrison. Didn't get the comic book at all.
I was hoping this was going to be a longer thread with shallower comments. Anyway, I like him with the Roman haircut.

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