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April 18 2008

'Zoe's Revenge' statue cancelled. SerenityStuff quotes a Diamond Select rep as saying that the Serenity statue "was cancelled due to lack of retailer interest".

Maybe if it looked like Zoe and price point wasn't so high people would have shown more interest in her. It really is a shame, I love my River statue and would have loved to have gotten one for each of the characters...actually I would have preferred figures of them...but there you go.
I'm kind of sad, 'cuz I did love the statute. But yeah- don't have money for something like that sadly.
I love the way DST always says "lack of retailer interest" rather than the truth, which is "retailers listened to the fans comments about how terrible the sculpt was, and knew not to order it." DST never owns up to their mistakes.
I'll just echo the comments made by others. If I'm going to spend so much on something like that, the sculptor could have put a bit more work into the likeness of the piece.
Yeah, I loved the concept, but they did a terrible job on her face/likeness and the price was far too high. If the likeness was excellent, however, I might have shelled out for it.
Yikes! I hadn't seen it before now, but it almost looks like Minnie Driver. No wonder not enough people were interested.
Ahh - that's OK - My Inara one looks a lot like Zoe from certain angles!

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