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April 18 2008

Ask Neil Patrick Harris anything! Entertainment Weekly will be interviewing Neil very soon and are looking for questions. So it's a good opportunity to ask him about "Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog".

Like for instance how did he come to end up starring in it.

Lots of people seem to have asked about Dr Horrible already, so hopefully it will be discussed in the interview.

Some of the questions being asked are a little personal, others are downright homophobic. I hope they get deleted.

And others, especially the 'awesome' question... are awesome!
I didn't really see any homophobic questions. Sure, there were some asking about how it affected his career and things like that, but those are legitimate questions that are in no way offensive or disrespectful.
"Are you a top or a bottom?" seems disrespectful IMO. That'd be like asking an actress if she did it "doggy style" i.e. pretty offensive and entirely inappropriate.

(and the one asking whether he's slept with Sondheim is also personal, surely ?)

Course, it depends on him, maybe those questioners are huge fans that've seen him interviewed multiple times and know he'd take it as a joke (I can imagine a similar list for Joss might well include a lot of weird, irrelevant and possibly seemingly offensive questions about e.g. Morgan Freeman, how homely Morena Baccarin is, whether Nathan could act without his hair etc. ;).

My question would be "When you need to ask yourself 'What would NPH do ?', who do you ask of ?" ;-).

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