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April 18 2008

(SPOILER) CBR feature on the upcoming Buffy season 8 arc. There's a first look at the very impressive cover art for issue 17 for starters. And a great interview with Dark Horse's Sierra Hahn about the "Time of Your Life" arc.

Is that alternate cover Fray's brother?
Is that alternate cover Fray's brother?


And is that Dru behind him?
I think it is time to open up my Fray stash again. Ah, the hassle of it! ;)

Should I even bother saying how awesome the covers are?

Then it begins all over again. It can be hard work, but also a ton of fun. I mean, hello, I get to work on ‘Buffy' comics!

Yes, you do, you lucky SOB Hahn.

And is that Dru behind him?

Oooh, I thought that too, be then I thought that I couldn't be that lucky!
The image at the bottom looks intriguing but there's no description for it. Issue 18 cover?
Is the bottom image a third cover?
I think it's a homage to a famous painting but for the life of me I can't figure out where I've seen it before. Certainly the infinity symbol halo and the pentagram will give people food for thought.
As much as "Chosen" was the perfect finale for Buffy, the character, I can't help but feel that a televised eight season could have been the perfect finale of the Slayer mythology, with "Fray" as the final, final finale. The quality of the comics would only be enhanced by the actors, etc. But, I'll take what I can get. I just can't shake the feeling that Buffy didn't really go out "on top" as everyone thought at the time. Btw, who do we think would have played Meleka Fray, Satsu, Roena, etc? But damn, I'm excited for this.
Amazing cover, especially for "Fray" lovers. Amazing alternate cover, too. I also immediately wondered if that were Drusilla with Fray's brother. Hah! That would be fantastic. As for the interview, I stumbled a bit before I realized that "Violet" meant "Vi." Interesting that there is nary a mention of Satsu. I wonder if she goes off into the sunset or off into that good night before "Time of Your Life?"
Simon wrote:

And is that Dru behind him?

We are certainly supposed to think so. Black hair, lace, archaic dress... every Buffy fan worth his/her/its salt is going to jump up and say, "Dru!" And she never did get staked that we saw, no?
I thought that looked like Dru, too. I haven't been reading the comments as much lately, but has there been popular speculation that Twilight is Harth? He has the Slayer memories, so his dialogue and actions in issue 11 would really make sense.
It looks like the third image is a homage to the Strength and the Magician card from the traditional Rider-Waite tarot.

I think it's gorgeous!
The main cover is the best SMG likeness I've seen in Season Eight yet. Nicely done.
And is that Dru behind him?

I hope not. I mean I love Dru, but I really want her story to involve Spike. And I really don't want Spike involved in the Buffy title.
Here's another off the wall choice.How about Amy?We haven't seen her or Warren since the first arc.
Great cover and I can't wait for these issues to hit the stands. So OK: if we were casting an on-air Season 8, who would play Melaka Fray? Don't say Ellen Page.
This series has been light on vampires until recently, so beyond my total awe at the Jo Chen cover and general plot direction, I am pretty psyched to see a bunch of vampires on the alternate cover, and Dru especially (if that is her).

What is the beastie in the water? (I have not read Fray yet).

The Magician references I see, but not so much Strength. The outfit looks very Roman.
I wonder if Dark Horse would consider an Absolute Fray edition (composing of the mini-series, the one-off in Tales of The Slayers and the Time Of Your Life arc).
Sunfire, the beastie in the water is Gunther, Fray's sometime employer in quasi-legal actitivies. Grab the Fray tpb, it's superbly written and drawn.
Ah, thanks doghouse. I'm going to read it before we get to that arc, for sure.

Now I think that outfit is a Greek peplos with a red thing over it.
The Magician references I see, but not so much Strength. The outfit looks very Roman.

As I recall, Strength also has an infinity sign over her head, which is probably where I was getting it from (and that if I were to be thinking of Buffy in the Tarot, she'd be Strength:)).I'm pretty darned sure that it's actually the Magician. I also find it very awesome that the stake is the wand.

Does anyone know who the artist is? I need this for my wall, badly.

I love the Jo Chen cover too--it looks like this arc is bringing in the gorgeous art!
I think this will be one of my favorite arcs from Season 8.

Some friends of mine did especulate, a couple years ago, what live action Mel would look like, we agreed on one actress in those discussions, which would be Olivia Wilde, who plays Thirteen in House.

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Awesome, just awesome, covers. Gunther is spookily natural, Harth's crew scares the creepy crawlies out of me (and that IS Dru, my friends), but that third cover.. wow, way with the symbolism. Season 8 keeps on rocking.
Awesome. And as for that image at the bottom? Probably because I commuted past it for years, but all I could see was the Statue of Liberty. Pose isn't quite right, but wouldn't it be fun if Lady Liberty was once a tribute to the Slayer, but had to be "sanitized" with a book and a torch so as not to scare the tired and poor...
Colbie Smulders for Fray? We know Joss loves her...

I actually just read Fray this week. I did it all in one sitting, which I think might have affected the pacing for me. Things seemed a little too rushed, however I did still enjoy it. Hopefully they can wrap up some of the unanswered questions from Fray in "Time of Your Life", like what were Urkonn's masters true intentions? Was he actually a good guy? How did vampires survive the purge of deamons/magic? The story (and how it could be related to S8) really got me thinking a lot, which is fun!
Totally unfamiliar with Fray (and categorically uninterested in that 'verse as such) but this sounds exciting.

Hmm, a Buffy characters Old Maid set (similar to the Movie Monster set from the 60s) might be interesting. I say that because I doubt the B'verse has enough characters to fill the MAjor Arcana plus the Face cards of a Tarot. But a horror films-and-tV version incl. Whedonversers with others could prove interesting.
I think you're right, barest. Ever since I saw the image this morning I've known I should recognize that pointy headdress from somewhere. I think she does look a lot like Lady Liberty there. Might explain the facial expression, too.
Fray's verse is the very same 'verse as Buffy's. Time of Your Life kinda reinforces the concept.
I thought Lady Liberty, too, and I like your idea barest. The defender of NY Harbor! Big change of image for her, though.
I personally hope it's not Dru either. I know we have a lot of great characters in the Buffy-verse, but using them just because you have them isn't necessarily the best thing. It doesn't really make sense that Dru would be with Mel's brother, so why create a back-story to have her there? That's kind of how I felt about seeing Warren in the comics as well.

On the other hand... I'm beyond thrilled to see Fray and Buffy together, and can't wait until we get this arc. No matter who that is standing behind Harth!

I could see Olivia Wilde as Melaka Fray.
Olivia Wilde definitely works for me as Fray -- she was in The Black Donnellys, right?
I'd love it if Dru was still alive all the way into the future! Not that I thought it was her or looked like her at all until I saw her name mentioned here, but... that would be kinda cool if she lived that long.
I think it's Amy and Warren who got cured.
She looks much more like Amy than Dru to me.
And the guy looks like Warren with skin, taking into account Jeanty's penchant to make everyone look a bit childish.

On the other hand - if Dru were in Fray's future, maybe that would explain that Future!Spike panel from ATF?
I'm pretty sure the guy is Harth.Fray's vamp brother and the villain from the original Fray series.

I've already speculated on the woman maybe being Amy.But if it is Dru,I'm still taking what Brian Lynch said at face value and the future flashes with Angel and Spike in ATF have nothing to do with the Buffy/Fray arc.I know Brian has covered up stuff before to protect certain secrets in ATF but I still get the vibe that this is one of the things he wasn't pulling games with like when people were speculating that the mystery woman in the second First Night issue will be Buffy.I just think certain things like those,Brian is frank on in order to keep people from setting themselves up for disappointment.

It would be a funny crossover to see Betta George and Gunther meet though.

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How amazing will these covers get? They just keep getting better! And they were near perfect to begin with! Me = happy.
The time travel has got to work both ways. Harth being in cahoots with Drusilla would certainly explain him, as Twilight, having an in-depth knowledge of her, the Slayers and the use of magic. Dru could have been biding her time to get back at Buffy- not just as the Slayer, but as the bitca who stole her mate.
Cat fight, anyone?

Perhaps then, Buffy will have to have to change tack and take out present day Dru in order to prevent Twilight from coming forth in the first place. This opens up lots of possibilities to change present day events.(Like the Buffy/Satsu pairing- 'specially if Satsu bites it before this arc.)

It's all very Back to the Future. Or perhaps I'm over thinking things again.

Since it seems to me that the 'Grecian/Lady of Liberty' picture looks an awful lot like Britney Spears. Eeek!
That is an absolutely beautiful cover.

And where is this Lady Liberty image people are talking about? I don't see it...
Go here: Rider-Waite Tarot Dcck

and click card 1: The Magician or Juggler

(If I could frickin' type...)

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Yeh whats this third picture business?
Me no see...

That Chen cover is frakkin amazin... Best SMG/Buffy depiction ever I reckon. I don't rekon thats Dru in the second cover though. Head is differently shaped and whatnot I think....
Bottom right for the Buffy image that looks like a Tarot card.
Just went back in to save, and the third Liberty-type picture has been removed!

Either it had nothing to do with Buffy (doubtful), or you can all commence with the conspiracy theories.
Huh. They took the image off the page. Still on the server, though.

Probably a limited time offer, once they realize people can still access it. Call now, operators are standing by, etc.

ETA: I expect they slipped and revealed an image from an upcoming article. It was strangely placed on the page before. Their mistake is our speculatory gain. Woot!

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Still on the server, though.

Thanks Sunfire. I was too late as often. Nothing to add except that the snake-eating-its-tail belt is also an infinity symbol. Sort of an odd depiction of it, but what else could it be?
Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent?
What if Dark Horse are going to release a Buffy tarot deck ? Each card with a character from the show, in the traditional card background. They have the Oujia board out in September, so a tarot set could be in the same vein. Also, a must buy.
I still refuse to buy the Ouija board until it comes with Jonathan Woodward analyzing me; I'll likewise refuse to buy any tarot cards that can't predict which agents of the Order of Turaka are coming to assassinate me.
Might be some optional abilities that DH will sell with the merchandise:-) Shell out that cash!
A Buffy Tarot: the one-size-fits-all Xmas gift I've been dreaming of for years. Put me down for a master carton. Are you getting this, Dark Horse?
Hmm,isn't there a Dark Horse panel later today?Maybe they removed the third image because it was supposed to be saved for the panel.The same thing happened yesterday at CBR with a Mark Waid/Steve Wacker interview about Waid doing a arc of Amazing Spider-Man.The interview was put up and then quickly pulled until after the first Marvel panel where the formal announcment was made.
Perseo: I understand it's apparently the same canonical 'verse, doesn't make me interested. The B'verse without magic hoes my hum.

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