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April 18 2008

Minear reference in Save Hiatus webcomic. Note the top left corner of the whiteboard in the first panel.

(For that matter, the webcomic in general appears to be inspired by Firefly and its flans.)

Hee. And there's a Serenity poster in the last panel.
Hard to believe it's inspired by Firefly. Who are these guys Adam Levermore-Rich and C.A. Bridges anyway? /sarcasm

All joking aside, this is a fun comic so far. I've laughed quite a few times reading it.
Adam? As in that bloke the government changed and later went on a killing rampage?
serenity poster too!
Firefly? You mean, there was another cancelled show?

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Ooh, what a fun comic! Lots of funny there. Especially, "Things to blow up. Schools. Legal says no." Laughed outloud at that one.

In my favorite dream, somone blows up the cement block I work in while we're all on vacation and it gets replaced by a modern building fully equipped with all the latest technology, lots of light and a ventilation system that actually works. I'm clearly a degenerate. :)
This has been frakkin' running since February, had a Firefly mention in March, was produced by Chris ("Serenity Stuff") and Adam ("Black Market Beagles"+"QMx") Levermore-Rich and this is the first time we're linking to it? WTF? And you two certainly aren't very... promotiony or pushy or something. I was waiting to see and it's been out for weeks? Honestly.

Okay, my favorites are: Give me some of your earth food, One of us, one of us, Hey, Kool-Aid!, Just look at this pamphlet.

Lovely rendering of "The Network" - and you gotta love "Full frontal nudity that's barely gratuitous."

Nice job, guys. I've subscribed - I simply must see what happens to the gang when they find out that Hiatus *gulp* is being cancelled.
Nice job, fellas. I just went back and read them all and really enjoyed it.
Heh heh ... thanks QG! :) We've been waiting to do any major promotion until we'd gotten enough strips under our belts to give readers something to, you know, -read- once they found us. We also wanted to get past the basic, "this is the main character," "this is the wacky neighbor, "this is the mechanic (you can tell 'cause she on a trolly underneath the dashboard with a tool in her hand ... oh wait, wrong show)" stage, and into the start of an actual story arc. Which, I guess, is where we are now! So, thanks for doing our work for us! :D
Someone did link to it very early on, but the post was deleted presumably because it wasn't very Whedon-related (even if it was Whedonesque related). I only found that thread through the news feed. So I've been enjoying it from week one - and it keeps getting better, particularly the evil executive. But I can't wait until the fans hear about it!

Bravo, boys.
Just went and read them all. Wow. So many references and so much humor that I actually get! And was that an MST3K:The Movie reference snuck in there? (Note to self: Breach Hull, All die! Even had it underlined.)


Also, I really want to see this show, it sounds good (although suspiciously similar to Firefly, which also exists in that universe since the characters mention it by name.)
Way to go, Chris and Adam. I, too was wondering why we (or at least I) hadn't heard of the strip before.

I enjoyed the comic and the quotes and fun facts so much that I am now a member of the Save Hiatus forum! I think my favourite fun fact - so far - might be this one:

Executive Producer Lem Hackeney brokered a deal for novelizations of the scripts but this has been tied up since he insisted on using author James Blish, who died in 1975. Negotiations using a WiFi-enabled Ouija board are ongoing.
And was that an MST3K:The Movie reference snuck in there? (Note to self: Breach Hull, All die! Even had it underlined.)

Hee! I was hoping someone would get that. :)
Very funny stuff, well done guys ;).

Is it totally wrong that i'd probably watch a lot of those shows but especially "Midgets! Midgets! Midgets!" ? I may be evil.
Why not? I always thought Time Bandits would have made a great series. :)
I like the reference to it holding a record for the number of times references to it were deleted from Wikipedia. :-D
We've learned to obsess early!

These are really funny.
But you'd better copyright those show ideas.

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