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April 19 2008

(SPOILER) Newsarama interview with new Runaways writer Terry Moore. Marvel will relaunch the series with a new #1 issue in September 2008. Warning: a potentially spoilery image by Humberto Ramos may cause fans to overload with squee.

Vaneta Rogers always lands the coolest Newsarama interviews! My favorite part of the article is how Terry describes his take on Chase as a sharp-edged "wolf cub" who could be the next Captain America some day.

I'm also happy to hear that Terry will still be writing Xavin post-Invasion. And I'm crossing my fingers that picture of the girls is a new promo image, not an old one. :)

Aw, I kind of thought Runaways would go back to BKV after Joss's run. Oh well.
Fear not, Jobo. Terry Moore is a great storyteller. I devoured his entire run of Strangers in Paradise after I found out he'd be writing Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, and fell in love with his writing and characterization. The Runaways will be in very good hands.
I wasn't a fan of Joss's run, especially not coming off all the great stuff BKV did. I hope Terry Moore does a good job.
Ah, that image is indeed VERY spoilery. And let me also say this: if they mess with Molly there is no force on earth that will stop me from raining fire on their heads. :-)
I got to see Terry Moore at the Wizard World convention in San Francisco a couple of months ago and I know he is very excited about taking over Runaways. I think he is very suited to it, and I kind of wish he was doing the artwork too (he both wrote and drew Strangers in Paradise which is great. He was very careful to not spoil for anything Joss or he would be writing for this series, but I'm afraid that Dana is right, that image does look very spoilery!
To be honest, as soon as the Yorkes showed up I knew Joss was going to bring Gert back. But any squee that may have come with that picture is somewhat dampened by the fact that I can't stand that cutesy art. It's a good thing Terry Moore is writing, because if it was someone I didn't like and that was the art, I'd drop my subscription in a heartbeat.

Has anyone read the Willow & Tara comic that Amber Benson wrote and Terry Moore drew? That had gorgeous art. Why can't Terry Moore draw and write this? I'd be willing to wait two, three, maybe even four months between issues for that level of quality.
Embers, I'm with you and wish Terry Moore was doing the artwork, too. His work is so beautiful, I'd love to see how he draws all the characters. Maybe he will do a fill-in issue or two soon!
I like the art better than I had expected to based on the earlier concept sketches. My only criticism here is that Molly's proportions are all wrong. Her eyes in particular are scary-big.

The "Molly is actually half-gnome" spoiler is out!
Um, that image isn't remotely spoilery. It's a test piece Humberto Ramos did back in 2006. (Note the "comic-con-07" URL too - it's not new either.)

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But it IS spoilery because it shows a Runaway who really cannot be there, unless something has happened, which it has. :-) But given this is Joss (or was, anyway), the real question is not who gets added, but who gets subtracted, if. Better not be a lesbian! Or Molly! :-)
SIP is the greatest comic book ever. I guess I'll keep on reading Runaways.
I really don't care for Humberto Ramos. I've always found him to be very uneven. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes... you know, not. But, that picture (which, yes, I've been seeing floating around forever and ever and ever and am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with whether or not Gert is back (though I'm not ruling it out)) is quite pretty.
Terry Moore is incredible. Strangers in Paradise is fantastic (in which he handles art responsibilities, as well). I can't wait for this run to begin.
BTW, I am firmly of the opinion that if someone is to bring Gert back it should be BKV. I won't kick and scream if it's someone else, though.

Oh, and seriously, Runaways v.3 #1? Come on. Let's just call it Runaways 49 and be done.

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Dana, it is NOT spoilery - it was drawn before that character was killed off!!!
That picture's actually really old. I wish it wasn't, but it is.

That said, I don't believe in Marvel characters staying dead, mostly because it doesn't happen. I expect to see Gert back some day.
Actually, if you check out the Mondo Marvel panel hidden among all the other images is a Runaways one that honestly might be spoilery. Now Ramos has been on and off involved with drawing the characters, but the image was at least new to me... I'm not sure when the piece is from though, or if it was meant to reflect the cast that he'd actually be drawing.
Given that Terry Moore has said the cast is changing, I'd reckon not. :)

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