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April 19 2008

(SPOILER) Stephen Mooney has posted inked covers for issues 8+9 of After the Fall. This is for Slay Alive's Angel Interaction cover contest.

The original concepts can be found here:

Is that Gwen that Gunn's standing with? My first though, oddly, was that it was Drusilla, who I seem to be seeing all over the place. (And with both Spike and Angel in the ATF series, it does make a little more sense in terms of her history to be on their series rather than Buffy's. But maybe she should be saved for later.) Gwen makes more sense I suppose in terms of the Gunn/Gwen history.
I like both of those covers. The contest idea is a good one.
It's Gwen.

#8: Gwen's likeness is perfect. Gunn's is great too, but I think Stephen kinda flubbed on his facial expression. It looks really pervy, but the idea behind the cover was to play more on the romantic and sexual aspect it(with Gunn and Gwen's history). Overall, though, it's Stephen's second best after his astonishing Wesley cover for #7.

#9: Not as excited about this one. There is a lot of awkwardness, especially with Fred's body. Her head looks like it's floating, or otherwise her neck was broken and stretched to the side. She looks like she's wearing spandex as well, and *huh*? Spike, much like his depiction in Stephen's #6, looks really haggard in the face area due to way, way too much shading, some of it in places that really shouldn't be shaded at all. As far as placement of the characters, it's set up really well, but this isn't one of Stephen's better works, IMO. The colors will improve upon it, but this is a 3/10 compared to #8's 8/10.
Yep, at first I thought about Dru as well, even if the resemblance with Alexa Davalos is striking.. maybe because I'm so convinced it was Dru who turned poor Charlie.
I didn't see Dru. Gwen all the way. If you look at the #8 cover on the right, where Gunn is reaching out to her face, there is lightning bolt soming from her face to his fingers. Nice!

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