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April 19 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles will be back, TV Guide says. Michael Ausiello says he has several sources that say the show will return for a second season, altough Fox hasn't confirmed it officially. There's been hints the past few weeks that the show will return.

Ooo, very good news!
Very very good news. Between SCC and Dollhouse, it's going to be a great fall.
I think the first "hint" was Kevin Reilly, the President of FBC, telling The Hollywood Reporter last week that it was coming back next year. Nice non-scoop, Ausiello.
Generally, if a show gets a second season, can it be yanked immediately if the ratings aren't up to par, or is that just for new shows? I can't recall shows getting canceled mid-season if they've made it to a second year, but maybe I'm blanking. I have the impression that if they're tanking, they're just not re-newed at the end of the season. I hope that means that Terminator would get at least 13 more eps no matter what.

Anybody know what the standard practice is?
Excellent! Summer did such a wonderful job in season one and I'm just jumping to see what's in store for season two.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Fox actually growing a heart towards us? Guess miracles do occur, yay!

So looking forward to "Dollhouse", just to think of Eliza and Joss working together again on the small screen....I'm so tickled pink!
shambleau, the show can totally be yanked if the ratings aren't up to par. My guess is that Fox will order 9-13 episodes of Terminator from WB and then see how it goes. If ratings are bad (below 7 million viewers) then it could be pulled almost immediately. If it starts out where it left off at around 8 million viewers and manages to build from there then Fox will order the rest of a 22 ep season. Just my thoughts about how it might go down.
I'm dumb. I thought it had been renewed months ago.
It hasn't been officially renewed yet but all signs point to "Yes" says my Magic 8 Ball - which is about as reliable as Ausiello on these things. Also, I've been reading entrails and they agree.

I really don't know why this show isn't a ratings blockbuster already.
Hopefully, Fox will program SCC back-to-back with Dollhouse on the same night. That would seem like a no-brainer win-win, but then...
Good point, that would be awesome! As Joss would say, "A twofer."

Understand the bittersweet towards Fox, right there beside you. However, if Joss is willing to give them a second chance, so am I.
Cool. I really like SCC, although it hasn't had its episode that really made me go 'w o w', yet, I'm very much enjoying it. Great to see it continue, although I wonder how much a part of this renewal is that they have a 'Terminator' show and there's more 'Terminator' movies on the horizon, which could mean money flowing to them (from spikes in DVD sales and the likes)? However, I'm not complaining :).
GVH, Since Fox doesn't get any money from Terminator DVD sales or have any ties to the T4 movie (that is all WB), it seems that they are basing their decision only on ratings and income from advertisers. That is the only income they get from this show.
Generally, if a show gets a second season, can it be yanked immediately if the ratings aren't up to par, or is that just for new shows? I can't recall shows getting canceled mid-season if they've made it to a second year, but maybe I'm blanking.

Tru Calling was renewed for a second season but then canceled before it even began. Season two had only 6 episodes produced.

So it can happen, but doesn't happen often.
'Jericho' is another recent example with only 7 episodes in its second season (though the strike may have contributed to that).

That is the only income they get from this show.

I wonder if GVH means spikes in 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' DVD sales as a result of the buzz surrounding the new films TamaraC (since by the time they're released there will, presumably, be at least a season 1 DVD out) ? Which doesn't sound unreasonable.

This seems fairly likely to be back given that a Fox executive suggested it would be. If it was just Ausiello or the actors or even producers then i'd still be waiting but if Fox themselves are dropping hints it seems fairly certain. Good news (though from a selfish perspective, I hope we don't spend too long sans Summer ;).
The strike had nothing to do with the 7 episode order of Jericho. It was planned from last June to only be 7 eps.

Saje, the DVD sales mean nothing to Fox. They don't see any of the money from the DVD sales. Not a penny. Warner Brothers makes the TV show as well as the movie.
Yep, Saje, that's exactly what I meant, which means that I didn't know that Fox makes nothing on DVD sales of 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. Is that kind of deal usual?

And, might then, WB be pushing for a renewal (because the possible cross-promotion between both outings of the property seem like something they'd like)? Not that I'm not glad SCC got renewed, it just feels like Fox is giving it a better shot than usual, and I wondered if that might be because it's part of an already established, well-known franchise.
GVH, shows are made at one studio and shown on another network all the time. House is on Fox, but made by WB. How I Met Your Mother is made by Fox and shown on CBS. Boston Legal is on ABC?, but made by Fox. The studio that makes the show gets the DVD sales regardless of what Network it is on.

My pet theory is that WB lowered the licensing fee for T:SCC that Fox has to pay because the show is bound to make good money on DVD and it is good advertising for the upcoming movie. Of course, I am totally guessing and don't know anything about the details.
I skipped the season finale -- the writing on this show is consistently terrible, and Lena Headey is surprisingly flat in the title role (considering how great she was in 300).

Summer Glau is fantastic, but even she is not enough to get me to slog through the dull and repetitive scripts week after week.

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