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April 19 2008

Leave Diablo Cody alone. Tom Lenk thinks you should.

Yes this would have been more relevant six weeks ago and yes Seth Green did the same sort of thing but Tom Lenk in a dress is always funny.

Oh, that was good. That was real good.
Well, Juno was released on DVD this past Tuesday, which means it would be relevant. There's a lot of people on the internets claiming they never really liked the movie...even if they said they did. Well, I liked it, and I have the DVD, and proud of it.
Besides, he had me at the Orange Tic-Tacs and "She's Tiger Words." Yay, Tom!

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I love Diablo Cody. And now I love Tom Lenk too (hadn't really seen anything of him the person vs. his character before).

That being said, I've been totally oblivious to any criticism Diablo Cody's been getting. All I know is that she writes a damn good screenplay.
Haha, on the side there was a link to Tom singing "Gimme More" live. That is pretty amazing, as well.
"You bite her! You're like Blackula, only white! Unless you're black."

Okay, he actually had me laughing out loud at the delivery of that line. Oh, Tom. :)
Yeah, quite the backlash on her now. It's the new hip bandwagon.

Shrug. Liked the movie, buying the movie.
I saw this a while back and thought it was brilliant. Tom needs to be famous-er.
ahhh... Sunny D.

=) haha go Tom!
Tom posted it a month ago, so he was a little more timely than we were in linking to it... it's very well-written, in a ranty and surreal pop-culturey kindof SOC way, and Tom is just crackers in it.

I also loved his Heart of the Matter - Video 6, which is definitely NSFW. (And hee - I used to live right in the back of the building with the WeHo porn bookstore he mentions in the video... long ago when I was first in L.A. and mo' po'. I lived right on *gulp* Vasoline Alley. It was an... education.)

"These... are just examples."

Watching his videos, I started thinking that he, too, should be singing in Dr. Horrible's Singa-along Blog.

I swear to Blog.
Okay, who else thinks it's Adam Busch's turn? I want my trio in kohl, damn it!
I'm convinced that Joss has to be a huge fan of Juno, but I'm waiting for confirmation on that. She's such a great female character, how could he not love it?
Just finished watching Tommy sing. Man, can he belt it. I could see him giving NPH a run in the evil doc singing department. Now I'm all pouty that he wasn't in OMWF.
Hee, that was fun.

And I love Diablo. Guess that means I'm not cool. I'm cool with that.
People are picking on Diablo Cody now? Gits!

Diablo's overrated.
Double post.

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Meh . People who use 'meh' are overrated. ;-)
I like that Tom is totally animal crackers. Very funny stuff. I think Seth's was funnier just because it was so soon after Chris Crocker's faux meltdown and he "did" Chris to a perfect "C".

I have not seen Juno simply because it's a polarizing film, much like Little Miss Sunshine, which had blazing good moments in-between stretches of "there goes another two hours of my life," thoughts jangling in my head. I'll probably rent Juno one day to see Ellen Page (Hard Candy = Awesome) but I am totally unaware of any Diablo Cody backlash.
I enjoyed Juno a lot, and I think that the backlash against Diablo Cody is very unwarranted.
That video is so old but still funny.
Seen the video before. Forgot to post it here.
Anyway, I loved Juno and I can't think of a reason not to like it.
How could one dislike "Juno" or Diablo Cody? Brilliantly written movie by a really cool lady. I don't get it.
Funny Tom, but poor Cody- in Australia this kind of thing is called the 'Tall Poppy Syndrome'.

As a pretty egalitarian society (treatment of our Indigenous people excepted) it is thought that if you have too much success you will get a big 'head', and you need to be taken down a peg or two. Obviously, it's not a concept limited to the Southern Hemisphere, but at least we're brave enough to put a name on it.

Her best response will be to put out another 'knock em dead' movie. You go, gal!
As funny as this vid is, "Heart of the Matter" with Emma Caulfield is even better. See the link flagged by Quoter Gal above.

(Because I have no idea how to do that.)


I can't stop myself.
Juno and Diablo Cody both are awesome. Simply put. Enough said.
I didn't realize Diablo Cody had anything to do with Juno. I only recognized her name because I'm a librarian, and her biography "Candy Girl" came across my desk. I started flipping through it, and was laughing so much I took it home and read it that night.
As funny as this vid is, "Heart of the Matter" with Emma Caulfield is even better. See the link flagged by Quoter Gal above.

(Because I have no idea how to do that.)

This is what the code looks like that I use (I like to have my links open up in a new page) - and you can always steal code by going to "VIEW/View Source" or similar in your web browser and scrolling down or searching for the wanted piece...

Just here to serve./pedant
Thanks for that, QuoterGal. I'll probably screw it up, but it's good, in theory, that I now know how to do that.

Pedant? You're a teardrop necklace?*

*Just recalling your post eons ago about someone mistaking the meaning of that word.

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For explanations on how to link, etc, there's also the official How To page, part of the official About page which, I'm well aware, very few actually read, but which contains all kinds of useful information about this site.
I did I did! When I forget how to quote I go there!

[/boot licker of SNT]
Am I missing something? I don't see Emma Caulfield in that 'Heart of the Matter' video.
Just here to serve./pedant

You should leave those poor children alone. ;)
I need to say "I will low-blow your fucking junk" to someone immediately. C'mon, let's see those hands ...

Very funny stuff. Who knew Tom Lenk had the funny in him ? OK, everyone. But who knew he owned a leopard skin print dress ?

I liked 'Juno' a lot, very warm, funny film with a complete set of good performances from the cast (Ellen Page was just brilliant but also Jennifer Garner - that part was almost tailor made for her ... actually, was that part tailor made for her ?). That said, the dialogue is quite stylised and it is arguably a bit too self-consciously hip from the (excellent IMO) credits sequence on up but for a first produced script it's a great bit of work I reckon and i'll happily buy the DVD (though not at full price, don't mind waiting a while).
Has Diablo Cody been receiving criticism? First I've heard of it. Loved Juno.
Tommy updates almost regularly his MySpace with sketches and surreal stuff.. has anyone seen his Trudie character spoofing Madonna's "Hung Up" ? Gold, gold, I tell you, but that Gimme More.. wow. He's just so lovely.
Quotergal: thanks for the link to "Heart of the Matter". Hi-lar-i-ous!
Yep, was not aware of the Diablo Cody backlash either. But seeing the amount of people here who weren't either, I guess it's not that big a backlash.

Juno I love to bits. Yes, there are bits which might be overstylised, but if it works that well, I think no one should complain. So far, Juno is still my favourite movie that opened this year and I'm assuming it'll at least remain the most enjoyable and downright fun movie of 2008. Why there would be backlash against Diablo Cody because of it, is truly baffling.

(also, for the very limited amount of people here who can read Dutch and might be interested in this: here's the review I wrote of Juno, for the cultural website I write for)
In "Heart of the Matter - Video 6" I couldn't help but think (and ok, laugh, there was much laughter) that Tom based his character on Beverley Leslie from Will and Grace. Although, Tommy was a bit more foul mouth-ed than Beverley would ever be... well, outside the secret room he shares with Benji *snort*
I'm unaware of the Diablo Cody backlash also, but I assume it derives from a belief that she's a scriptwriting parvenue who didn't "earn" - by paying her dues through long years of drudgery, - the accolades she, and the movie, has received. And perhaps a little moral indignation about her career choices. Which makes me enjoy her success just a little more. :-)
She's just written a pilot for a TV show (coming soon!), and I'm pleased to report it's a brilliant, brilliant script.
SNT, that is exactly what it is. It's just a lot of folk being bitter and being jealous. Nothing new really. She will shut everyone up with another win.
I'm not sure about a "backlash", but they did make fun of her on Saturday Night Live at least once. (And someplace else that I'm trying hard to remember and failing).
Ah, that's good news, gossi. Here's hoping the pilot gets picked up. I'd for one, be certain to watch it.

Also: that's depressing, but not unexpected, SNT. If she writes that well, who cares what she did before (or for, that matter, who'd care even if she didn't).
I haven't seen Juno and have no opinion about Diablo Cody's writing abilities. (Although I did see the Oscars and I was excited for her when she won because she seemed all trembly and happy. It was nice.) However, I'm not sure why people in this thread seem to think that this is definitely a pro-Cody video. To my eyes, it could just as easily be a bit of not-pro-Cody snark. Emulating Chris Crocker sobbing for Britney isn't necessarily a strong pro-anything. It could mean very much the opposite of a pro-anything.

I'm not sure either why thinking Cody's scriptwriting abilities are overrated automatically means savage, petty jealousy. Like I said, I have no dog in this fight, but folks I know and respect think her work is kinda not that special. Doesn't make them idiots nor does it make them colluders in the Tall Poppy Syndrome. Of course, the Tall Poppy thing is real, as is professional jealousy. But there is room to disagree on what is good writing, isn't there? Plus, getting an Oscar? Not exactly proof of much of anything in my book. There are great Oscar winners and silly Oscar winners.

All that said, Tom Lenk is hilarious. I love him. Love him! I agree with those who think he should get more singing work.

Edited to add: I found in a web interview out there that Tom did indeed like Juno but his friend did not. The friend, Mark, wrote this Huevo Hitchcock bit for him. Hilarious. Here's the quote from the web interview: "My friend Mark wrote it for me and he didn't like Juno and I did and I sobbed throughout the whole movie." (From here.)

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Just back in from a pleasant but exhausting trip out of town. That re-energized me something fierce; I haven't shrieked with laughter like that in quite some time. If you're reading, thanks, Tom!
You really need to watch his Trudy vids. They are hilarious.
I was actually fairly aware of all the people who were bitter about Juno winning best original screenplay, and there were lots of complaints I've seen about how the dialogue is impenetrable or far too clever for characters of whatever age (be it the young folk who ought not be nearly that clever apparently, or the weirdly in-tune old characters).

On the other hand, Cody did sort of coin so many random phrases, pop culture references, or speech patterns that I thought it was quite a bit like Whedon in Buffy-mode so I can see why so many people here dug it. Come movie spin-off time, I think it'd be great to see Ellen Page as a slayer. (Hopefully not as creepy and castration happy as in Hard Candy, nor as unfortunately irrelevant as in X-Men 3.)
Meh . People who use 'meh' are overrated. ;-)

Perhaps so, but I also have "meh" for Juno. It was amusing and good-natured, but I'm not getting the enchantment that I was apparently supposed to feel.

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