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April 19 2008

Firefly at Target for $17.99 this week. Not everyone has a copy you know.

For example, in linked thread Misty Eyes wrote "I guess I'll finally pick up Firefly. It will be a blind buy for me. "

Oh, thank you for cluing me in to this...all my "loaner" copies somehow made themselves into "gift" copies, and some poor soul asked me what a Browncoat was yesterday. Time to restock.
What Oregon said...
Time to restock the Loaner Copy, and tell those who *gasp* don't have one that it's on sale. In the link it's suggested that "A new version is coming", and that's why it's on sale. I'm sure that's a reference to the Blu-Ray set we're all expecting. But I don't have Blu-Ray, gorramit, so I needs me a new "old" Set. :)
A friend's birthday has conveniently sneaked up on me. Excellent :) Thank you!
Got mine a few minutes ago. thanks for the heads up!
You are welcome!

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