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April 21 2008

Olivia Williams in Miss Austen Regrets. Olivia (Dollhouse's Adelle) can be seen on Sunday as the lead in this prime time BBC One drama. Many glowing reviews of her performance here.

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It's actually to be broadcast on Sunday the 27th at 8pm.
I saw this a few weeks ago on PBS. It's excellent. Olivia Williams is one of my favorite actors, and I watched this pretty much for her. She simply sparkles in this. I'm beyond thrilled she's going to on Dollhouse.
Hooray Dizzy!

Also, other required viewing for Dollhousers - The TV Set. It stars David Duchovny as a writer/director/showrunner who pitches an entirely personal tale about suicide to a major US TV network, who's president (played by Sigourney Weaver) proceeds to then... Scent mark it. You've also got Fran Kranz in a major role, who plays Topher in Dollhouse. He's superb. Oh, and Seth Green turns up at the end. It was cast by the the Dollhouse casting people.

It takes you through every major stage of a TV pilot, and if you want to see why so much crap ends up on the air and why showrunners often have less hair than they should, the answer is in the movie. Amusingly, I watched it, and then looked online for reviews. People were saying it was entirely unrealistic. It's... Not.

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wow.. Now she really is part of the Whedonverse! She's got a post on Whedonesque. They will be assimilated!
Ha, dulce, I was thinking the same thing. Damn, she qualifies for linkage before we've even seen her on the show!
Hah. I don't know if she does or not, that's not my call, but I figure it's not 3 second guest appearance - she's the lead in another big thing (this'll get at least 5 million viewers on BBC One) so we might as well document it.

This is torrentable, by the way.
Is it, gossi? Great. I missed this when PBS showed it, along with several of the Austen adaptations. Lucky me, I apparently only caught the not so great ones.
Cool bananas - I shall be watching it. I don't think I've seen Olivia act, so this will be my pre-dollhouse viewing of her talents.
Just watched it. Amazing. So much better than Becoming Jane. Did have me sniffling though. Can't wait to see Olivia in Dollhouse. [shallow]And she looked increadibly beautiful as well.[/shallow]

Now, where is my copy of Persuasion...

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