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April 21 2008

The Mystery of Shepherd Book. The A.V. Club looks at 16 unresolved television plots, character arcs, and cliffhangers.

Keith Mars wasnt my big unresolved of Veronica Mars - it was Don Lambs! What on earth went on in his past? At least Michael had a few great ideas about his characters backstory even if we never got to hear them in "cannon"
Might want to change that title to reflect that this is an AV Club list. It reads as if this is news on the miniseries.
Not only that; the headline is "What's up with the smoke monster?" which is actually a question they do not have in their list of 16!
Someone might want to let these folks know that this one really doesn't belong on the list, since the upcoming "The Shepherd's Tale" comic will be answering the question. :)

They get points for obscure 80s call-backs, though. I had almost forgotten about the cheesy goodness that was Sledge Hammer.
I also think someone, somehow, should resolve what happened to Keith Mars, because it will also tie into how his daughter goes from most-likely-expelled from Hearst College to up-and-coming FBI agent. That should be done first, then have Veronica join the FBI.
There was a second season of Sledgehammer?!
Speaking of Veronica Mars, have there been any new updates lately on Rob Thomas' Season Four comic at DC? He doesn't have as much of a web presence as Joss, so there's only been two updates in the past eleven months. Last I heard he and DC were trying to figure out if the writer's strike would affect it in any way since it was based on a tv show.
That could be on hold for now because he's involved in writing a new version of "Beverly Hills, 90210", and I think remaking "Cupid", too.
As for the second season of Sledge Hammer, that supposedly took place five years before the "explosion" that ended the first season.
Oh, they mentioned "Journeyman". I thought I was over it but I'm really not. God, why did they have to mention "Journeyman"? *weeps*
Man, 'Sledgehammer', funny show ;).

'Journeyman', if it gets a decent DVD release, could well end up a bit like 'Firefly' IMO in that everyone i've lent that to has asked "Why the hell was this cancelled ?". Just a great show, i'm glad they had the chance to offer a sort of character level semi-resolution (a bit like 'The Inside' and 'Wonderfalls' did) even if masses of plot was left unexplained.

Got to say, I liked the end of 'Veronica Mars' and don't really think it was that unresolved - we see Veronica walking down those (rainy) "mean streets" neither "tarnished nor afraid", like 'Angel' with 'Not Fade Away' it was the open-endedness that made it. It's a staple of noir that nothing of any consequence changes by the end, the grey stays grey, good deeds go largely unrewarded (staying as clean as you can is the reward) and the dent in the darkness made by the hero is small and ultimately meaningless, so in that sense it was a great noir ending.

Last I heard he and DC were trying to figure out if the writer's strike would affect it in any way since it was based on a tv show.

AFAIK that was only ever a rumour anyway, did it progress beyond "We could maybe do a comic" ? Re: the strike, it didn't seem to affect Buffy "season 8" (and neither DC nor Marvel were struck companies) so I doubt that'd be much of an issue.
I always figured Rob Thomas said: "What's Joss Whedon doing? I'll copy that". Then he got busy with four new TV shows and probably doesn't care what any of us think about Veronica anymore.
When Thomas first announced the comic it was only a "maybe", but in second and final update on it during the writer's strike he said that he and DC were in "serious talks". They were just afraid of getting penalized by the writer's union. While Season 8 was already up and running for several months at the time, this was a new project based on a tv series. With all the debate raging about tv properties and alternative media, he said they didn't want to get in trouble.
I for one prefer the uncertainty of the Keith Mars ending. It was as good as could be hoped for a series where the creators (and I) wished it would have continued. The ending was touching, in par with the whole series and left one wondering. Same with Sopranos, that left me even more in awe.

Now, about Book, I'm not so. I kind of like the mystery, but knowing it's Joss, the unraveling of it will most certainly be great too (if there is indeed one coming out).
The pain is still to fresh to talk about Veronica Mars. Even though it's a noir, and has been argued that the ending suits that genre best, it leaves me feeling the characters are static. No matter what happens or who catches the bad guy, Veronica & Keith still end up in the same place. It's like they can't escape the town of Neptune. *dries eyes*

Shepard Book... I would prefer that most of his story be kept secret, and bits & pieces are leaked out through several years... but, since we don't have several years, I'll take what I can get. I don't know, would you still be interested in the Shepard if we already knew his past?

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