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April 21 2008

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion To Stay On Wisteria Lane? Kristin says we haven't seen the last of Nathan on ABC's "Desperate Housewives". Video contains also spoilers for other shows, like "Bones" or "How I Met Your Mother".

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yay! last night's episode was boring without him :)
Well that's great for him (he seems to enjoy doing it) and good/bad for me: the good is seeing him on a weekly basis, the bad is that it's DHW (not my cup of tea).
I used to think my fandom for Nathan knew no bounds. Turns out there are bounds.

Happy for him, but I just can't watch this show anymore.
I'm glad he has a vehicle, would be happier for him if it was something else. But it's positive exposure, and I wish him the best. Just hope he gets other projects that will let him show his acting skills to good advantage.
Hey, I'm happy- I'd watch anything for him... even Desperate Housewives.
I'm really not a Housewives fan, but such a high profile gig could pave the way for bigger and better things for Nathan.
I'm adding to the 'yayness'! I'm apparently one of the few people who enjoy the show.
EvilFirePixie8, last night over 15 million people enjoyed the show with you as did I. DH is one of those shows that it is popular to look down on.
*raises hand*

I watch. Sometimes it makes me laugh.
This is a great gig for Nathan and I'm happy for him and all of us who then get to see him a bit more often. :-)
Thanks EvilFirePixie8 and TamaraC - I was afraid to post! I started watching when I heard he was joining, and do genuinely like it ;)
whiterabbit, posters usually don't bite here. Don't be afraid. The worst they can do is snark you to death.
And if so whiterabbit, we can bring you back to life with the Urn of Osiris.

Oh yeah, that's broken.

We'll think of something. We're used to bringing people back, if only in fanfaction...
Dizzy, Like you, I tried the show out but have not found it to be my cup of tea. So I just tivo it and sometime later watch the only good bits (those being the ones with Nathan Fillion and Dana Delaney, who makes such an awesome diva).
It doesn't bother me if people like it. So no biting here. I'll even keep my snark in check. I did give it a chance and watched several episodes, and it's just not for me. Though, like you, BB, I adore Dana Dalaney. I also like Felicity Huffman. But even though DH has three actors on it that I like, I just can't make myself watch another episode.
I watched the first few episodes Nathan was on and then I sort of lost interest. The last thing I saw was something about a locked scary door, etc. etc. Where's a good place to go for recaps, anyone? I can probably get caught up that way in anticipation of his remaining episodes. Will he go out with a bang or a whimper ... did I just say that? :?)
Dizzy, If you're a Dana Delaney fan too, you should check out this cute little YouTube ditty that uses video from a few old TV shows to make up a love triangle between Nathan Fillion, Dana Delaney and Robin Strasser (Nathan's One Life to Live co-star). Beware though, the song it's set to is obnoxiously infectious. Sucking too hard on your lollipop ...
*another hand up*

DH is intensely silly, and then sometimes it isn't quite -- the handicapped parking issue from last night's show is a case in point. I'd like to see more of Nathan. In fact, didn't he say somewhere that he'd been working out a little so he'd be presentable in a nekkid-chest shot in DH? (Oh, maybe I was just dreaming)

Look for recaps at Television Without Pity if you can't find them anywhere else.
I tuned in to the tornado episode last night (Australia = behind the 8 ball) to see if a) Nathan's character intrigued me enough to start watching and b) The multi-million dollar cost of the episode was money well spent.

Unfortunately a) No and b) Hell No!

You still might have been dreaming anyways.

Nathan did write in his blog that he is in training for those Desperate Housewives...his trainer trained some guys into shape for a little movie called 300.

I thought it was really funny when Katherine pulled out the big old scrap book.

Did anybody get to listen to the video in this post? Does it actually talk about Nathan being in next season? Nathan said at Cut 2008 that he had 7 or 8 more episodes left on DH. So I think he was talking about this season.

And to people who don't like Desperate Housewives. Just picture Caleb on Wisteria Lane. The people making the show know exactly the kind of acting Nathan is capable of.

Think about it. Seems like such a nice guy. Doctor. Surgery skills. Dresses up like Frankenstein's Monster on Halloween. There are little clues in the episodes. I'm telling you Dr. Adam Mayfair could kill everyone on Wisteria Lane!!!! Could be a messy divorce.

At the very least, I'm hoping the Doctor takes his shirt off and that they give Nathan a camera to film DVD extras.
Caleb is exactly what Wisteria Lane needs! Although, now I'm imagining Gabby going all Vampire Slayer... do you think it's because she's the tiniest?

I like a lot of the actors, and I will watch, but usually with a book on my lap for when I get bored- because I do get bored. I do like Bree though... sometimes. And Lynette. Sometimes. But never do I like any of them entirely.

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