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April 22 2008

Vote for Summer Glau at Spike TV's "Guy's Choice" Awards. She's up against Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil 3) in the "Fiercest Female" category for her work on the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Most of the categories are pretty lame, but the good news is they let you vote once an hour and you don't have to register to vote.

Summer beats Milla (RE) anyday; Milla (Fifth Element) would be a tougher match.
What's lamer than the categories is that you can't skip any of them.
Oooh, Summer was an easy choice, but I had trouble deciding between Tina Fey and Sarah Silverman! Despite my long standing love for Sarah, I decided on Tina.

I agree it's dumb you can't skip, because some of them I just had to pick even though I had no real opinion... mainly the sports ones.

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