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April 21 2008

TV Guide Interviews HIMYM's Cobie Smulders , who mentions Joss and being talked about to play Wonder Woman.

She says, " I know there was a lot of Internet hype about it mainly from Joss Whedon, who's a friend of mine so that spurred some interest.

This here, among others...

Oh why, oh why...


... the pain is still too fresh.
Oh sure, rub the salt in poor Priyanka Chopra's wounds.
Wonder whatnow?
You know who *I* think would make a great Wonder Woman...?
Oh God, I thought we'd heard the last of this. Any Wonder Woman without Joss will suck. And this new Justice League film has apparently cast Megan Gale in the role, who might look the part but has never acted before - unless the catwalk can be called acting.
Hey, what's this about the show ending? Have there been rumors about this?
It has yet to be picked up for next year.
You know... I have to respectfully disagree that any Wonder Woman that is not of Joss will inherently suck. Certainly, his involvement was something I found hopeful, but Joss Whedon is not the only capable writer or director in Hollywood. Despite that I think it is unfortunate that he is no longer involved, I will withhold my opinion until this movie is more than speculation, but rather an actual tangible film that I can look at and love/hate/or feel indifferent towards.

I will be quite sad if there is no How I Met Your Mother next year. Charming, charming show.
I completely agree with everything Raggedy Edge said. HIMYM is an excellent show and while Joss writing Wonder Woman would be legen - wait for it - dary, someone else could definitely come along and put together a very good Wonder Woman movie.
I think once they had him, they should have kept him. And while I agree that there are other great writers/directors in Hollywood, I think Wonder Woman would be difficult to get right - and the people in charge of the property don't seem to know what's best for it. So while someone else could make a good Wonder Woman movie, it doesn't seem like anyone good will be given a chance - it'll be tossed off by some half-rate hack, given the spec script Warners bought before they and Joss parted ways.
crossoverman, the Justice League movie will not suck...because they've "tabled" it for the foreseeable future.
Too late for me, but this should've had a spoiler warning.
I revised the link title. Largely because I had no idea who Cobie Smulders was, or why she was being linked here. And now I know. More knowledge!
Joel Silver (Matrix, etc) talks about Wonder Woman in this article:
Re: about a possible ending of HIYMYM

As much as I love that show, it should end sometime soon with a title like that, it can't go on forever.
But they can pick up after though!

Oh and SNT, I didn't know Cobie Smulders myself, until I saw she plays Robin..
kazzmere, thanks for the link. I know everybody has talked WW to death, but what it's going to take isn't the right actress, it's a paradigm shift: a story concept that fits all the WW tropes and character traits (bondage?) into a bigger box. Also, there's more than a story problem -- there's a Joel Silver problem. 26 1st-person pronouns in a couple of paragraphs of offhand interview.
Cobie also had a rather good femme fatale guest spot on Tru Calling, if we're going to allow one degree of Whedonverse separation...
Hmm, there were some HIMYM spoilers in there. But: there's talk of the show not returning? That would be very sad. It's just such a very charming - and funny - show and I'd love for it to stick around for at least another season or two.

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