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April 21 2008

Tom Lenk Interviewed at In which he talks Buffy, Dollhouse, what he's currently working on and being nude.

I was just doing my rendition of Rose from "The Golden Girls," I'm not sure if anyone actually caught on to that.

BWAHAHAHA. But it's so right for the part, I love his instincts as an actor.
"James Marsters signing a song"

the first thing that came to mind was James Marsters standing on a stage miming Like a waterfall :P

I love Tom Lenk, I would have gone to see his show if I'd have known about it! I support all my buffyverse actors!
Yeah, sounds like he's feeling a little neglected... LA fans! Do your duty! I'd help but I'm too far north, and lazy.
I'm in L.A., but his one-man autobiog/tell-all thing just didn't sound like my cup of tea. But I will check out his Groundlings stuff some time. Assuming he hasn't taken off for New York by then.

The bit about his fear of Andrew being killed off struck me as very odd - and also as a very real fear that an actor could have, especially with his pals (fictionally) dying around him.
I also thought that an actor's fear of his/her character being killed off was something strange...until the reality of it strikes. Actors are only paid for as long as they have a character to work with..I remember when the rumor mills started as to whether Jo on Supernatural was going to be featured again, and the statement from her representation was that she hadn't been contacted yet so they doubted she would be in future episodes Ė I think I felt a little sad...not cause I liked her character (I HATED her character) but that being a recurring character isn't easy.

I think that the reality is that being an actor may seem "easy" but it's actually really hard because you need to have a lot of confidence, a lot of faith and a lot of wisdom to handle not having a paycheck every single week and to save what you can when you do...and also, having more expenses than the normal office worker...agents, publicists, etc.
Absolutely, CS. (And I didn't mean to imply that actors have an actual phobia of their character dying or something. 'Cos that would be silly - but could lead to an interesting murder/mystery, now that I think of it.)
I wish I had known about Tom's live stuff when I was in town for the reunion...big fan of live comedy. And Tom, of course. Border Patrol is hilarious.
Who else wants to see the Joss directed videos of Tom?
I love Tom Lenk, especially when he's partially naked. Come on now, I'm not the only one who saved those Strangely Attractive photos to their desk top... I?
Ah Tom... if I lived in L.A. I'd go see your plays.
Tom has many gifts, I'm learning, but his talent for physical comedy had me almost rolling, tears, guffaws, and all, when I watched the Trudy You Tube last night (plus I nearly choked on my pizza.)

So that's it - I'm a fan. Wish I lived closer to LA.

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I've often envisioned of Tom as able to do a good Barney Fife,b ut one of my cyberfriends said he wouldn't be able to capture Don Knotts's darker side....
He is just so cute! Sigh... I miss Andrew.
I am in Orange County, I have driven up to see some of Toms live stuff in the past. It is pretty funny, silly fun.
Love how he apologizes to America for his current physical condition. I guess thatís the price you pay for being strangely attractive. ; )

If I could, Iíd much rather attend one of Tomís shows than go to a con or even see JM sing a little song. Until then, I shall scour the internet for his brand of funny...
Tom Lenk was at the one con I went to. I felt bad for him because he seemed very unhappy. I may have even asked him if he was alright. Later I found out about some bad things that had happened with one of the other celebrities at the con and thought that that may have been part of the problem.

Since then I have heard other people say that they were disappointed meeting him at cons because he seemed to be disconnected and unhappy to be there. Being a former performer and a life-long introvert, I can understand how cons could be a horror for some actors. After reading this, it sounds like he is taking to heart a cynical view of why people would come to see him rather than trying to use the fact that he CAN get an audience to come to see him, for whatever reason, in order to further his own agenda. Schedule a one man show in connection to a con at which you are appearing. Enthusiastically tell people what you are doing. Work the crowd. Build your fan base when you have the chance.

At that same con, I watched what was to me the strange sight of James Marsters cheerfully having pictures taken with a long line of women and children. After my turn, I heard myself say, "Well that was bizarre." under my breath. JM replied, "Yeah, isn't it?" I then asked him how he did it, and he replied, "Just release, man, just release." In acting terms that means just let go. Get your mind, inhibitions and preconceived ideas out of the way and just go with what is happening.

I am not a fan of what I have seen of Tom Lenk's work so far. His humor is not really my taste, but I have not seen that much of what he has written. However, at that same con, James Leary was everywhere and showed his short adult comedy film, Adam Busch was playing with Common Rotation and James Marsters was playing with Ghost of the Robot. I saw them all, because I was there and curious about what all of them were doing. James Leary's was even less my thing than anything I have seen TL do, but other people loved it. I enjoyed Common Rotation immensely, and became enough of a fan of their music to buy some CD's and go to a later performance elsewhere. Although my interest has waned for various reasons, I did introduce friends to their music, who told their rather large mailing list about them. I was not impressed with Ghost of the Robot, but was impressed with James Marster's fan interaction everywhere else. Although what I really want to see is James Marsters acting on stage, I went to a later solo singing performance because that was what was available. I had a really good time and was glad I went.

My point is, TL has a way to showcase himself that many other actors do not have, but he is not using it to the best of his advantage. It sounds like he is what we used to call psyc'ed out (if that is how you spell it) about his ability to interest Buffy and Angel fans in his own work. I hope he lets go of that fear and really works all his opportunities. There are certainly a lot of Buffy and Angel fans who enjoyed Andrew. I'm guessing that he could establish a much more vocal fan base than he has now if he took even more advantage of it without worrying why people are coming to see him.

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