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April 22 2008

Save the "Crush" Drusilla figure. A petition has been started to get Time and Space Toy's attention regarding the canceled "Crush" Drusilla figure.

Apparently Time and Space Toys can't do a Pre-sale to gage interest in a figure and someone set up a Petition for people to sign to show that they would buy a figure...or more than one.

Uh...what about the "Build-a-Judge" figures that were supposed to be released and got cancelled? Ripper, two versions of Dru & Oz, and Robin Wood. They were each supposed to come with a part of the Judge, so you could actually build him.

Personally, I thought that was a bit lame - I only really wanted Ripper (Man, do I want Ripper. Uh...ahem.) but I would've been stuck with a blue demon part.

I'd really like to see some new figures released, not just the umpteenth version of someone already out there. Kennedy & Kendra have both only been released as "super-poseable" figures, with really tacky ball-joints in their hips and strangely hinged waists - not that I'd collect them, but I'd rather seem them as regular figures. The aforementioned Wood, Joyce by herself, D'Hoffryn on his own...

And it wouldn't hurt if the figures actually looked like the actors.
I'd like to buy a case of Kennedy figures and then find interesting ways to destroy them. Perhaps with fire.

...I'm not a Kennedy fan, you see.
I miss the MAC figures. :(

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