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April 22 2008

Michael Muhney is excited for Dollhouse! A great interview with Michael on a German website. Who knew the guy could speak German? He talks a bit about fatherhood, Veronica Mars, Dollhouse, and the one that got away...

"brilliant with a capital J." Funny.
Well, Harm, aren't we all excited about "Dollhouse":) Can't wait for Joss' return!
I wonder if the role that got away was perhaps Paul Smith/Ballard.
Can this guy be put on Dollhouse already? He is dying to be on a Joss Whedon show.... and it not like he doesn't deserve it. His role on Veronica Mars was pretty sweet.

Joss if you're our there... Muhney needs a job!
Seriously Joss, give the man a job already ;) We already love him like one of the Whedonverses own!

(Is it bad when fandoms start adopting the cast of other fandoms? I think i'll look at it as "spillage" from Whedonites capacity to love actors :D )
He seems to like a lot of genre stuff, which is very cool...

I'd love to see him on TV again.
Michael Muhney is AWESOME. Seriously, when I started watching Veronica Mars.. right from the start he was interesting, but I had no idea just how awesome he'd end up being in it. But there you go. Veronica, her father, Mac, and Sheriff Lamb. In my opinion, they were all the show really needed.

Thaaattt being said, it'd be nice to see Dollhouse get established before we see anyone else on it. I hate to be the pessimist, but I remember Amy Acker's role in Drive, which was great, but.. you know, I was optimistic about that show (not because of the premise (can't drive myself) but because of those involved), and then Amy ended up just getting a few minutes screentime and the series was cancelled. Fox seems really committed to Dollhouse, which is great, but it'd still make me so so sad to see Michael get casted in a Whedon show, and not have time to shine.

Not to mention Dollhouse already has a huge cast, and they all need to have their characters established first.

/sorry to be pessimistic
(exams do this to people, it's a curse)
Oh, and I second the "OMG, he can speak German!" sentiment. Who wouldn't want that in an actor?
Hmmm.....maybe Michael could come in at the end of the first season or possibly season 2. I would be a happy gal if that happened!!!
I couldn't love him more, I really couldn't.
Ich liebe Michael!
I just have to add to the Michael-love! This man needs to be the lead in a series, he's such an amazing actor and all-around great guy! :)

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