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April 22 2008

Vote for Emmy's top 10 outrages. Buffy snub included.

Yes, that poll's results won't be weighted toward Buffy at all... though to be honest, those examples are mostly pretty obscure.
What about some Lauren Graham/Gilmore Girls or Kristen Bell/Veronica Mars love?
Ooh, ouch. I mean, Buffy, yeah. But how can they snub Ned Flanders? I wi-diddley-ill not stand for it!
Or maybe James Spader getting Best Actor last year instead of James Gandolfini? Even James was a bit nervous over that. Of course, some would add Ryan Seacrest hosting the Emmys as an outrage.
Actually, Buffy HAS won Emmys.

In 1998 Todd McIntosh and the makeup crew won 'Outstanding Makeup for a Series' for their work in Surprise/Innocence.
And in the same year, Christophe Beck won an Emmy for
'Outstanding Music Composition for a Series' for the 'Becoming-Pt 1' score.

But the lack of acting and writing nominations over the course of the show is, sadly, an indication of the skewered nature of those awards anyway. Does anyone even watch them anymore?
The Emmy's have no love for genre television, and a mash-up show like Buffy is no exception. I don't put much stock in the Emmy's anymore. When it comes to genre TV, I look to the Saturn Awards. At least those appeal to my interests.

Another snub might be Battlestar Galactica. Countless magazines (including TIME) count BSG as one of the greatest shows on TV, but... so few Emmy nods. It won a dang Peabody for crying out loud!

Alas, I put no stock in the Emmy's. At least the Emmy's love affair with The Sopranos has finally come to an end.
Of their list, the snub (for writing, direction, acting) of Buffy and the snub of The Wire are pretty hard to choose between.

I guess I'll vote for Buffy, as they've still just about got time to put it right for The Wire. Difficult decision, though.

Agreed, I don't really put any stock in any of the awards, but it still would be nice to have aknowledgement of quality from the mainstream.
I voted for Buffy, but had Lauren Graham/Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars been listed, I probably would have voted for one of them. I never could understand why the lack of love there.
I'm not voting because the Griffith-Gleason question skews it for me; wait, I'll do one ehre in the library and oen at work. Yeah, I weigh alomst 300 and I'm over medium height so I deserve a second vote, right?
I agree it was a tough choice between Buffy and The Wire. But almost as bad, they left BSG off the list.

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