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April 22 2008 reports that Wonder Woman is on again (and features a Joss quote). Two guys still writing it.

Joss is much smarter than the two new writers on Wonder Woman? Since the writers are newcomers, it seems unlikely many people can safely comment on their intelligence, or lack thereof. I wish Joss was still on this project too, but no reason to insult two young writers who are no doubt very excited by an opportunity they have or to insinuate that Joss is the ONLY writer who can tackle this project. I wish them luck and hope they come up with a great script.
Yeah, but if they're so smart, why does it take two of them to write a script? :) Sorry, bad joke.

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Not impressed by that tag-line, sorry. There's no need to stoop to insults. I changed the title.
Does anybody remember if these are the same two fellows whose script was bought and leaked onto the internet just before Joss said bye bye to this project?
Yeah, think so newcj, I certainly remember them being newcomers when we first heard.

And blatant favouritism re: casting much ? I mean, Morgan Freeman doesn't even get a mention FFS !
I can handle newcomer writers. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. What gets me is the Wachowski thing. They are not the right folks to helm WW.
I cannot regret that Joss is off the 'Wonder Woman' project, if he was then he would still be in rewrite hell instead of onset filming Dollhouse!

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