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April 22 2008

Visual rundown of the new Dolls. gives us pictures and a brief listing of the final cast and characters of Dollhouse! Plus, a beardy Joss picture. *Mild spoilers in the nature of thumbnail character descriptions and snippets of gushy reviews*

I'm very happy that Amy was added to the list! Joss at his finest!
Nice to see photos of the actors alongside the character descriptions.
Fun to see them all together. Is it legal to look forward to a show this much?
Looked at the pictures, but scrolled past the SPOILERS.

*cough cough... there's a tag for that*
Fran is seriously dreamy.

There was one tidbit about Victor that I hadn't heard before.
I almost forgot how beautiful Amy is... actually, I didn't, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded every now and then.

Once again, a great-looking cast. I expect my socks to be completely rocked off by the time this bad boy's off and running.
I hadda scroll carefully, too, 'cause I wanna experience Dollhouse as freshly as possible, and haven't read or talked much about it, but I stopped for this, quoted from Televisionary:

"It's a Shakespearean story of hubris and likely vengeance, filled with sound and fury and signifying, well, lots."

So, um, that sounds kinda good./understatement
Cool to have a list with all pics together and everything.

Is it just me, or is Olivia Williams just shockingly beautiful? And that picture looks like it was made for her character (or for what her character has been described as so far). Now I know how all the younguns crushing on Giles felt.
Lookie here- all my pretties together in a row. *Cackles evilly*

Okay, I'm back. And gee, there's not a lot of Dichen Lachen love, is there? In the (minute amounts of) 'Neighbours' that I've seen, her acting was stilted and she seemed awkward at emoting.
Though, that could be an advantage when it comes to playing a 'doll', and I really hope she proves all us naysayers wrong.

Re: Olivia W, I sure hope she keeps her 'character lines' and doesn't get 'encouraged' to go the LA botox route. I am so OVER actors who can't move their face. (Yes, DHW, I mean all of you!)

And admins, is there any way we can we start a countdown clock once we have a 'Dollhouse' debut air date? Pretty please?
Olivia is gorgous. And a fantastic actor to boot.
I really don't see anything on there that is very spoilerish.
So excited. Love Eliza, love Amy. I think those go without saying. I don't watch too much tv, so I'm not to familiar with anyone else except for Harry Lennix, who I had a major crush on when he was Jim in Commander in Chief. Yup, he's hot.
Was only whelmed by the picture of Tahmoh; I've seen him look prettier.
Dichen is gorgeous. Holy cow.
Enver? Wow. Double wow.

And the beautiful thing about Joss' casting? I know that all of these people are more than just pretty faces.
All of a sudden, I want my summer break to be all over and done with so it can be fall!
Well, they are a pretty bunch. Didn't really read because I'm also in the "want to see it fresh" category. I've been watching the same Joss shows over & over for so long, that the idea of seeing a new one that I know almost nothing about is just yummy.
I'm trying to remain unspoiled for Dollhouse too, and there wasn't really anything there too spoilery - inasmuch as *anything* talking about the cast must contain *some* info about the show.

But I did add a brief warning to the caption.
I didn't know Amy was in, nice start to my morning!
I can't believe how much I am looking forward to this. What a fantastic premise, so full of possibilities to do the rich exploration of the human condition that Joss does so well. The actors are gorgeous, too. That can't hurt. I'm glad that many are unknown to me but the ones I am familiar with I'm also impressed by.
That's a great rundown and finally I can place who is playing whom, and that gets me even more jazzed. As well as the pilot reviews.
Go Joss, go Eliza and Amy and the rest of the cast! So great to be on the verge of yet another Whedonverse journey!
It'd be nice if people gave Dichen a break. It's not as if she wouldn't have been up against pretty stiff competition for a Joss role. I feel like people are deliberately talking themselves into doom.

And missb - I don't think you have to worry about Olivia Williams going down the botox path. She's a nice real cycling person. :o)
Well, I'm not sure that wooden acting is always, by itself, a disqualification for Joss in casting. Early Charisma Carpenter and early David Boreanaz come to mind. They were still learning their craft. Then there's Marc Blucas...
So happy, so happy. So happy. (And not just because of the pretties. But man, they are pretty.)
Even with the wooden acting, though, I though the early versions gave us a greater insight into the character's development as the actor developed.

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