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April 22 2008

A stake in Buffy. Rhonda Owen wonders if Buffy is now technically considered an "undead" franchise.

Interesting article from a newspaper in Arkansas.

If only I could go to university and major in Buffy.
"Buffy is about sacrifice, courage, duty, self-doubt, friendship, collaboration, isolation, the eternal conflict between good and evil, morality, growing up, humanity, inhumanity and death. All this and witty dialogue."

What a perfect description of the show, to which I would add "love".
Psst, bknick, you want to add a . at the end of the subject of this post. It causes problems with the RSS feed if you don't.
Yes, period at the end of the title is a must. Ta, Anon1.

ETA: good find, BTW, bknick.
Sorry bout that. I'll remember next time.
Ah. Great article; I agree with Capt. Logic's assessment about the description of our beloved BtVS.

I think that I need to show this article to my parents, who bemoan the fact that their daughter is doing her honors thesis on Buffy, relating it to the field of education. Psst...the Chosen Collection? Tax deductible!

Not by coincidence, my thesis director is also the one who taught the class Superheroes in the American Culture, where I learned more about philosophy than in any class before it. Her Ph.D.? In Medieval Studies. She's bloody brilliant, and reveres the show as much as I do!

...I'm hoping that by the time I want to teach at university, Buffy Studies will be a valid major. After all, it's way more academic than Communications!
Ooh, tax-deductible Buffy. You are clever!

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