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April 22 2008

Creating Browncoats At The Red Cross. Whimsicalnbrainpan volunteers at the Red Cross and found a new place to donate Firefly/Serenity DVDs.

Whimsicalnbrainpan wrote
I gave my first platelet donation today and discovered that they have little TVs with DVD players at each chair. They even had a nice selection of DVDs for me to choose from. Of course “Firefly” and Serenity were not among those DVDs. It struck me that donating the series and even the BDM to the Red Cross would be a great way to recruit more Browncoats and reward those who are helping to give the gift of life. Since I have the CE of Serenity, I’m donating my first copy.

Whimsicalnbrainpan also provided more information about platelet donation and these links
For more information about donating platelets

For more information about donating whole blood

This is a great idea!
I also like the thought of donating 'Buffy' and 'Angel' DVD's, since so many fans have switched to the boxsets. (Plus, can you imagine the irony of donating blood while watching 'Grad Day Pt 2'?!)

Unfortunately you don't get to watch movies at my local blood bank (And hey, watching the blood fill the bag is exciting enough in itself.)

But if you want to start up a Paypal a/c for collections, I'm in.
That is awesome, way to go, Browncoat!
I've learned that the mere expectation of watching a DVD while in the apheresis chair will jinx my donation. One nurse had a perfect bullseye record with my arm... and botched it bigtime the day I took a DVD. No more with the DVDs here.

Eek, I won't be doing that Paypal thing for I am Anonymous1 and I do things anonymously. I will be stopping by Target to get Firefly for $17.99 this week for a Red Cross place.

Good idea about Buffy and Angel DVDs that people replaced with the shiny Boxsets.

Mavourneen at suggested

Consider donating a copy or two to a local cancer institute, or hospital, or dialysis clinic.

And there are always libraries.
Whimsy, what a brilliant idea! With the Target sale I can go buy two and donate one to the Red Cross and the other to my local dialysis center. :-)
I love new ideas. Thanks Anony for bringing it to Whedonesque.

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