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April 23 2008

Dollhouse begins shooting today. Great to see Joss back in action.

I was kinda hoping someone would come in with an intelligent comment first so that I could come in second with the 'squee' post but, well, it took too long.

Joss is making tv! Squeee.... etc.
I remember how excited I was when Serenity started filming. I'm astonished to find I'm *way* more excited about Dollhouse. So Leaf, I second your squee and add a woot for good measure.
Here we go!Hope it all goes well.
Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one making a big deal out of today. Hooray Dollhouse!
Happy first shooting day!
I hope that Craft Services is treating you well and not bogarting the imported cheese...
What a cool birthday present this is for my best mate and fellow Whedon-freak, 25 today :)
I had to google Rick Astley--now I know what a rickroll is (been meaning to find that out).

Also squee, of course!
In the unlikely event that any of the cast or crew are reading this, good luck!!! And get back to work. :)

Hopefully we'll be seeing some promo shots soon.
OK, so they start filming today. Now i'm no expert but doesn't that mean it should be on TV by about lunchtime tomorrow ? Great news !
Happy day. A year ago if someone had told me this would be happening I would have given them a strange glare.

(Yeah, thats about as far as my disbelief goes, but I'll strange glare like you've never been strange glared before).

So very happy.
*sigh* I am happy.
This news makes me giddy! Yay!
I'll see your squee and raise you a huzzah.
What's this Dollhouse thing?
A squee from me too!! I cannot believe how excited I am for this new show!!
Woo hoo! Yeah, bring on the promo shots.....
Deadwoodian squee: "Huzzah!" (which, now that I look again, I see has already happened above. Duh.)

Anyway, happy, me.

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Not gonna lie. I got a little teared up there.

Definitely going to work with an "I know what Joss is doing today" grin on my face.

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Saje, it wasn't that long ago that TV drama was aired live...
True zz9, Joss is a complete bloody slacker, if he just got his finger out we could be watching it right now !

Did you see "The Quatermass Experiment" on BBC4 a couple of years back ? Interesting to watch and it certainly had an immediacy (you don't see people flub lines in TV drama that often anymore ;) but it also had some real pacing issues, made me glad they don't do it that way nowadays.

(and anything with serious effects would be impossible or a complete nightmare to direct)

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I think it was a Simpsons episode, one of the "Behind The Scenes" specials, where they said they don't do live shows anymore because "It's too hard on the animators..."
Joss Whedon, as I type this, is directing TV. That sentence makes me so incredibly happy. Of course, it might not be true, at this precise moment he might be having a cup of coffee. But whatever Joss Whedon is doing, he's out there doing it! Which is cool.
Wow, it's amazing to think that we're here at the ground floor of a new Whedon series. A whole new world, new characters, and new stories for us to discuss. This really is exciting!

*raises a glass* To the long life of Dollhouse! May it survive beyond the 7 episode order, have much success, and be plain awesome.
Sad to say, but this will only be the first Whedon show that I'm going to be watching during its actual run (I caught the others on DVD), and I'm muy... uhh... excited. Actually, the word 'excited' doesn't even come close, but, since I'm out one thesaurus as I type this, I'll stick with it. I'll leave the fancy words to them smart folks.

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I say we celebrate with a hoot-en-nanny!!

And I don't care what Oz says; lots of hoot and BRING ON THE NANNY!! squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Not sure what "em" does, thought I'd try it out.)

And, yes, it's also my first time on a maiden voyage on a Joss cruise. Was alive and into the 'verse when Serenity came out, but was in Hong Kong at the time.

Is it time to take our oaths that we'll be dedicated viewers of our new baby show and not leave the country?
Hmmm... "em" didn't do what I'd thought it'd do. So what does this do?

Does anybody know if they need pizza? A couple of helping hands? Hordes of fans to squee & gawk while they're in production?

I'd never do that though.
omg, 1000's of miles away a new 'Verse is beeing born, and I actually get to see it instead of a year later! I'm very excited, so Bring it on! (heh, I actually like that movie with Eliza in it)

Oh and here's hoping for lots of backstage stuff beeing filmed for the dvd extra's :D

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Patience Saje. With the special effects and all, it can't be expected before dinnertime. And besides, some of us can't take off from work to watch it at lunchtime tomorrow.
Well, if you were a real fan ... just sayin'.


(if it's any consolation, your lunchtime would be about our dinnertime, so perfect for that all important transatlantic audience - by which I mean "me". Course, you'd know what was gonna happen about 500 milliseconds ahead of time so i'd have to be careful of spoilers ;)
I'm truly appalled at the lack of faith here. I fully expect to be watching Dollhouse at breakfast tomorrow. With DVD commentary and extended scenes, not to mention the eggs and toast.

Mmm toast.
Second toast. So Dollhouse ep 1 by breakfast tomorrow... does that mean we get a Dollhouse convention by the 24th? I'll bring my dinnertime DVD release for the cast & crew to sign, and we'll make up songs for our characters and start planning charity screening. :)
Did you say something about toast?

Anyway, filming, yes, wonderful, exciting, already my favorite show once BSG is off the air, Emmys all around, etc., but does this mean Joss won't have time to edit Dr. Horrible? Because I'm still kind of looking forward to that.
The rather splendid Lisa Lassek is editing Dr Horrible, and somebody else is editing Dollhouse. Say it with me now: Yatahh!
I'm still pinching myself that Eliza and Amy will be on the same show!! I'm currently watching season 3 of Buffy and Eliza's acting just blows me away! And Amy was just starting to get a chance to really blow us away when AtS was canceled. I am so thrilled that she's going to be on another Whedonverse show. Joss brings out the best in all these actors and actresses and I can't wait to get obsessed about this show (not that I'm not already a wee bit obsessed)!! Is there such a thing as a Jossgasm? 'Cause if there is I'm having one!!
Jossgasm! OMG I will be using that a LOT!
gossi, what does "Yatahh!" mean?

Firefly Flanatic & chance, yes a Jossgasm is required, but I feel weird saying it. That word does NOT make me want to sit on the couches of my fellow Whedonites.
The rather splendid Lisa Lassek is editing Dr Horrible

Although the official fansite won't put that on their cast and crew page because apparently me saying "I got it directly from her" isn't a good enough source for them, heh. (Maybe someone they do know should vouch for me, so that LL can be added to the page.)

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Hey, bix, do you know what the official Dr. Horrible website is? I don't have that one yet.
The official site is (still linked off the official fansite as, but they both lead to the same place).
Thanks, bix. I don't think the site works for me. I put in the site address (every version), and I get the beautiful poster, but I can't enter... there's nothing else. I don't get it.
Gossi, so Lisa Lassek isn't on board as editor for Dollhouse? Is she working on another show (besides Dr' H's)? I know Joss loves her. He took her off Buffy to work with him on Firefly - which, mixed emotions about, but it shows he'd want her on Dollhouse if he could get her, IMO.
Did anyone actually see the shooting? According to the Future On Fox blog:

While the cool-ass sets are housed on the Fox lot, today they are shooting in downtown Los Angeles.

korkster, that's all there is on the official site. There's nothing to enter.
Thanks, bix.
"Downtown Los Angeles" can mean "futuristic architecture" or "advanced urban decay to post-apocalyptic", as well as a range of other things. That doesn't tell us much.
I didn't see them downtown today and I frequently see the shoots as we drive through - there was somebody shooting by the Orpheum the night before, and a string of extras in line in front of our building... and our parking lot at 9th & Hill is often commandeered for the crews.

There were some closures today - and one going on now on our office street - ( but the daily shoot sheets are no longer available to the public - they used to be online daily...

And "downtown" is a mighty big place, and that's a fact.
I heard it's also a great place to go when you're alone and life is making you lonely.
Saje - but all the noise and the hurry never seems to help me very much!
No, but you may find somebody kind to help and understand you - someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to guide them along.

It's where the billboards shine brightly - like in Bladerunner - where there's no parking, and all the alleys are nicknamed "Piss Alley."

So maybe I'll see you there - especially if an ambulance brings you from an outlying district and dumps you there.

Downtown - you're gonna be alright now.
Don't wait a minute more.
I avoid downtown, myself. Never been a fan of a gentle Bossa Nova.
Downtown- a great place for crazies.

Love that song, by the way.
QuoterGal's Up-To-The-Minute Fragmented-But-Reliable Downtown Filming Report, written from high atop the 11th floor of her charming downtown offices in the garment district (shot for your pleasure in exciting Blur-o-VisionTM):

In our area - 9th & Broadway-ish - there are those yellow signs for a shoot they're calling "CM" and some for a shoot known as "Seven Lb" (Seven Pound) - and my partner tells me that yesterday he saw "CSI/NY" shooting nearby.

That is all - as you were. Feel free to linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty. No spitting.
ooooo, Seven Pounds is a Will Smith pic! Hey, QG, hang out the window and yell for Will to come and sign an autograph for me, will ya? ;-D
Thanks, QuoterGal. Will you continue giving us blow-by-blows of all potential filming?

Never was good at spitting myself.
I hear there are some little places to go to where they never close.
We have those out here too. They're called all-night laundromats.

Btw, I had a lunchtime meeting so I missed the broadcast of the first episode. How was it?
I'm afraid of heights... but for you, Cabbie, alright...

*opens window, leans out, hollers.*

He doesn't seem to hear me. Maybe it's the frakkin' jackhammer that keeps jackhammering right outside our windows. Or it could be the sadly-off-key-but-sweet trumpet player that's playing "The Girl from Ipanema" that's blocking the sound of my voice? (Hey, now that's a bossa nova, innit?)

*oh my nerves*

I'll poke around when I go out later. And if he signs my arm, I'll ship it to you fedex, I promise...

More Filmic News at Eleven...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-04-24 19:16 ]
barboo, it was
kind of experience. Too bad you missed it. But I hear there's a convention going on this afternoon... if you're in the neighborhood. :)
Aaaargh korkster, *spoiler* much ? If only i'd waited the whole second ... oh, woe with a smidge of alack.
That's something this series won't have-- supernatural returns from death. If When people die, it's going to be all permanent and stuff. No mystical deaths or "Ha! I'm a demon, your stabbing action is a mere annoyance!" moments either, so I guess it will even out.

I know, technically, Firefly was magic-free, too. But between River being psychic and Alliance medicine being really good and Mal being all kinds of injured and briefly dead and still walking around mouthing off to people, it felt a little magically survivable sometimes. Until Serenity, anyway.
I dunno, in the Dollverse they have the technology to record and imprint entire personalities Sunfire, i'd say that leaves resurrection (of a sort) wide open.

In fact, if I was Joss I probably couldn't resist playing with that by e.g. putting an existing, well loved personality in a new body (just because of the questions you could ask as a result - it'd be like Illyria ++ ;).
What if, Sunfire, our Dolls are on the 'verge of death, but then get memory-wiped? If they can't remember dieing, will they still die? (I know, I'm reaching here. But it's Joss, and it's hard to rule out anything.

Grrrgh! Saje beat me to it.

Saje, sorry for the *spoiler*. But since the episode aired yesterday at lunch time, I just figured everyone knew who was interested, ya know? You need to keep current or you'll drown in the waves of excitement.
No idea if this is interesting or not as I don't know the area but in an article today about Lost (spoilers) it says that

"three blocks from La Brea and Santa Monica, which just so happens to be the very area in which Joss Whedon was shooting Dollhouse today!"
Oh, jeez, if Joss keeps moving his shoots any closer to my place, he's gonna be shooting in my backyard (if I had one) - and I'm still gonna be elsewhere at the time.

*sulks in corner.*

Thanks, Leaf, for finding this... but it's painful to realize that we drove through that intersection not once, but twice yesterday, and that we work downtown, and we've managed to miss all his local shooting so far.

*still sulking.*

I full expect to go out to my friends' house in Pasadena tonight, as we have planned, come back and find out tomorrow that he was shooting in Old Town as we drove through it, and that everyone he's ever known and worked with happened to be at the shoot.

I am so not hooked in.
While QuoterGal is out, I thought I'd tell the rest of you that Joss is shooting at her house. Fillion and Tudyk picked the lock.
That was a big grinner, leaf. I never thought I'd find myself wishing I lived in the L.A. area again. Well actually, more like wishing I could manage a visit and just magically find myself in the right place at the right time.
In which case, QuoterGal would no doubt have to kill me. ;-)
Ha. That is such a lie. When we got home my cats both said that Alan wasn't even at the shoot and it was Eliza that picked the lock. So now!

Joss and Co. left the place very clean, and put back everything just the way it was, so you could barely even tell they'd been there. However, my cats got to be extras, and that was such a burn for me; they were all Caturday-in ur TV show stealin yur rolez which was insufferable.

Nobody likes a show-off.

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