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June 15 2003

(SPOILER) Reruns of season 4 will air in 'late summer'. Presumably the WB will not be showing all of the 22 episodes then.

And they may delibrately pick certain episodes from season 4 to attract new viewers. But with the complex back story of Angel which ones should they show?

Probably going to show the late in the season episodes in order to prep viewers for the new year. I have to imagine they are going to show the Faith arc as well.
Gotta show the season premiere, the Vegas episode, the Joss-written one where everyone goes back to their childhood, and the Faith arc.
I think: Deep Down (Premier), Rain of Fire, Orpheus, Peace Out, and Home (Finale).

These episodes kind of give us background on the whole season. Deep Down- ties up the cliffhanger and opens the season. Rain of Fire- the first sign that something bad is going on; also a very good episode. Orpheus- evil Cordelia is challenged, Willow is back, Faith appears. Peace Out- explains Jasmine's death. Home- changes format of show and because it's the finale! Also the "Previouslys" in these episodes would get people up to speed. So far, there is only room for about five reruns (after Pepsi Smash is over), so these are he ones that I would pick.

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