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April 23 2008

Tom Lenk...Pop Diva? Tom interprets a Britney Spears hit, live on stage.

He has got some pipes!
The bit of "Gethsemane" at the end was truly inspired.
This is hilarious! I know that I laughed out loud when he unexpectedly started singing the Kit Kat jingle! What a talent!
He'd have made a great Lorne if Andy Hallett hadn't done it (so brilliantly, I must add).
That is the most awesomest thing I've seen all day. And I've seen some awesome stuff today. You go Tom :)
Wow, this is really good. It made my afternoon.

Screw Clem: The Musical! From this point forward, my pet nonexistent spinoff is Andrew Sings.
Caroline, agreed about Andy Hallett! I recently started re-watching Angel, and was so impressed by him (opening season 2 on a karaoke-singing demon was priceless, too) that I looked him up, and he wasn't even an actor when he started at Angel. And yet he's so brilliant. Colour me confused.
Someone needs his own singalong blog.
I'm rewatching Angel as well and I too was so impressed, a natural! And it must be so damn hard with all the make up and prosthetics, yet he's the one that makes it look easy.

On topic: Would love to hear more of Tom singing. Too bad he wasn't in the Buffy musical epi.
Caroline: Yeah, completely. In a way though, I sort of regret not seeing him without makeup more often.

Also, Tom Lenk looks really attractive singing. He'd be brilliant in a Joss-musical. A Jossical. Or whatever it is we call these things.
Oh, Tom, so talented!!
Love him!
And now my immediate request is Tom's rendition of Toxic. He would rock Britney's flight attendant outfit.
Yes, Tom is strangely attractive. ;)

He's my latest fave rave. Gimme more, Tom!
All of Tom's Youtube stuff is hilarious. I would love to see this live!
I watched this one a while back and loved it. I was very surprised by his voice, go Tom. Maybe he could have been Lorne's doppelgänger... Also m'cookies actual, I love your name. My sister and I always joke about answering the phone by saying 'This is (our names here) actual'.
Amazing! From Britney Spears to Give Me a Man After Midnight to the Kit Kat jingle to Gethsemane? Insane, yet strangely attractive.
I didn't realize how much I love Mr. Tom Lenk.
That was beyond awesome. Who knew he had such pipes?
Well that was the best thing I've seen all day :-)
Um, can he please just do a traveling show of brilliant interpretations of pop songs?? (Especially if they can all be tied in with Broadway showtunes?) A little Madonna, a little *NSYNC, a little Miley could be fun for the whole family!!
Wow, he's got an amazing voice!! It also made me think of what a great Lorne he would have made! But then we wouldn't have had Andy! Off to check out more of those youtube videos!
Tom is just plain brilliant, I just wish he was doing more so I wouldn't need to have a Britney Spears song stuck in my head as a side effect. I do think Jackie Beat's take on Gimme More outshines Tom's just a bit but nobody can compare to Jackie.
I was lucky enough to see Tom Lenk on stage in his 'Special Friends' show (I was there the night Joss came w/Allyson & Alexis) so I know how amazingly entertaining he is, and I'm thrilled to see he keeps adding to his act (was that part of Evita after the Kit Kat Bar thing? Too funny!).
I saw that show too, embers!!! It was great :) I so heart him!

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