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April 23 2008

PDX Browncoats announce guests for 'Can't Stop The Serenity' screenings. Dark Horse's Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn will be there along with Amanda Sullivan, Director of Equality Now's Women's Action Network.

And if anyone wants to plug their CSTS events, please do so in the comments section.

I notice also that Beth, this year's global coordinator, has issued an official CSTS statement regarding the US print shortage:

In recent days, there has been some growing concern about the status of many “Can't Stop the Serenity” events. While it is true that three quarters of the Serenity 35mm prints in the U.S were accidentally destroyed recently, it is also true that this is a problem those running CSTS can and are handling. In fact, we are still hoping to add additional cities to our slate. So, if you are interested in putting on an event please go to to find out how to get started.

Regarding the shortage, it is important to note that the only events being affected are those in the United States . All events outside the U.S. have not had any prints of the film destroyed, and are thus unaffected. Furthermore, Universal will be shipping in a number of prints from around the globe to help account for the shortage, at cost to them, which is incredibly generous. When this, and the fact that a number of events are, and many are switching to using a DVD format projector for their event, the shortage becomes no more than a minor inconvenience and a matter of shuffling the available prints around to different cities. There may need to be some minor tweaks to the dates of some CSTS screenings but again these changes should be minor.

Can't Stop the Serenity is an organization with a superb set of leaders who are more than capable of handling this inconvenience. There has already been $10,000 raised for this year which is a strong start to attaining our goal of raising $150,000.

The CSTS Organizers are working tirelessly to gather data and overcome these challenges. We encourage all Browncoats to band together to ensure the success of CSTS 2008. When Browncoats unite, no power in the 'verse can stop us.

Elizabeth Nelson
2008 Global Organizer
Can't Stop The Serenity

I'm so glad shows outside the U.S. aren't affected, and that it seems like some creative thinking and juggling here and there will make it work out in the end. I know this must have been stressful to work through.

secret fandom capital of the world

I don't think it's a secret. I've heard there's a Browncoat in every house there, and a Jayne hat for every child.
secret fandom capital of the world

I don't think it's a secret. I've heard there's a Browncoat in every house there, and a Jayne hat for every child.

That's quite close to being true, I'd say. It's great to be a Whedon fan here. Portland loves the Whedon.
The Los Angeles screening will have guests. No idea who yet, just making a statement and working to make it true. :)
Does anyone know if Arlington, VA will have one this year? I'm really hoping so, but the CSTS page mentions losing one city and I'm really hoping it's not Arlington! Also, any of the San Fran Browncoats have any inside info on when the screening will be? I'm vacationing out there in the summer.
Whoo-hoo Universal!

3 Countries!
38 Cities Worldwide!
17 US States!
7 or 8 Aussie States!
2 Canada Provinces!
danregal, the LA link isn't working (for me anyway). I want to find out about it because I finally might be able to go to one of these.
We don't have anything set up yet for ticket sales. Once we do, all the information will be at

Hope you can make it!
Another reason for me to head north up the 5 to Portland. I've missed all the other screening, I am determined to see this one.
There will be screening in Vancouver, BC, on Sunday, June 22nd. Keep checking our blog for details.
Seattle will have two screenings on June 22, Sunday at the Crest Theater.
More info --> Serenity Forever/Equality Now!
We're relieved that the print situation is being resolved as best they can. Browncoats don't like to give up too easily.
I don't think Champaign, IL will have a screening this year. I was in charge of it last year, but this year I'm having a baby on June 23rd :) I unfortunately can't get anyone to take over for me plus I can't get the theatre owner to return my e-mails. Oh well, I tried!!!
It is 2 Canadian provinces, but 3 cities. And I'm proud to say that as far as I know, Canada is shipping extra prints out to thems that need it.
Toronto is having a screening and determined to fill all 400 seats.
We more than doubled the amount of money donated to Equality Now last year, and with the quality of Auction items, I know we will surpass that this year. More details here.

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