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April 23 2008

Morena Baccarin on stage in Princeton in May. Morena Baccarin is treading the boards for an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s "The Seagull" called "A Seagull in the Hamptons." She plays Nina, and the article talks about the play and includes quotes from Morena.

I'm probably misreading something, but I think she's playing Nina, who's actually Nina in the original as well. Trigorin is the original name of the man she falls for.

It sounds great! I can so very much see her as Nina. I liked their note that she apparently resembles the original 1890s Nina.
This was actually mentioned in a previous post, though not the same link. This new link is well worth checking out if anyone is planning (as my lovely bride and I are) to go check this out).
Totally psyched about going to see this in June.
Oh, lord, does this take me a kid I saw productions of As You Like It and The Crucible at the McCarter nearly 40 years ago (grew up about 12 miles north of Princeton)...if there's any way I can get up to the old stamping grounds to catch this production, which sounds delightful, I will have to!
Nina was always Nina. So amended.
She was in "Roger Dodger"? I saw that movie. I thought it was awful. Don't remember her in it.
Thanks for this link and good luck to Morena as Nina.
Such effulgent beauty is wasted on a simple wooden building. She should be in Nathans new series *g*

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