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April 24 2008

David Boreanaz to appear on the Late Late Show. Taping on May 7th.

Emily Deschanel also scheduled for the 1st April 29th taping.

Yay! And Wow! Craig is finally starting to get the actors who are stars of their shows instead of just the stars' sidekicks. ;) We're hoping to catch a Craig show right after comic con. *crosses fingers that Craig's not on vacation that week*
I Tivo Craig every night. I live for the monologue but when Mr. Boreanaz is on I shall watch even longer!
Craig and David will be a great interview combination! Can't wait to see it.

Craig has done great interviews with both Nathan Fillion, Alyson Hannigan and James Marsters (both are on YouTube, I believe)...and well, he's hysterical all the time. He's my late night Must See.
I could swear that David was already on The Late Late Show a while back. I remember something about him wearing purple socks.
Yep, he was. I think you're right about the purple socks bit.
I didn't watch it but I found the link on youtube if you want to verify or just ya' know enjoy...
Thanks corigami!

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