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April 25 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe! Gina Torres turns 39 today.

You kick ass, Gina, in all the right ways!
Happy Birthday to Gina! Gina rox my sox hardcore. <3
Happy, Happy Birthday Gina!
Have a great day, and keep up the good work!
Have a great birthday Gina.
Happy Birthday, Gina!
Happy Birthday, Gina. May your day be filled with love.
Happy birthday, Gina!
Gina is awesome. If she ever read this, I hope she had a nice day. :) Happy Birthday.
Feliz Cumpleanos, mi hermana!
You rock, mightily!
(Happy, Being-a-Mommy, too!)

By the way, it is so alright with me that my boyfriend thinks you're hot and Zoe is his fave...even over Inara!

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Happiest of days, Gina, and give the baby a kiss for us. :)
I love that we share a birthday! Happy happy day Gina! (A bit late.)

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