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April 25 2008

Heir To 'Slayer'. A New York Post article on the beginning of Dollhouse production.

I'm so excited!!! Yay!
1. The fanciful series? Is that a new genre?

2. Seems odd that they mention Joss & Eliza's ages.

3. I want more information! But I don't want spoilers. That's not going to work, is it?
I hope it's Fall. I know that means we have to wait longer but if it's Summer that'll mean less hype, fewer people watching TV in general, and possibly interrupted by baseball playoffs and maybe other stuff. It could easily slip throughthe cracks. Fall means it'll be part of the network upfronts. The upfronts get more attention, a greater chance for buzz and network's push their fall schedules more. We have a much better chance of getting all seven and hopefully more if it premiers in the Fall.

I really hope Gyokai is the correct pronunciation of Gjokaj.
"They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of "Dollhouse," for which Fox has ordered seven episodes."

That's not an understatement... not at all.

8-8-08 mean anything to anyone?

No? Summer Olympics? BIG huge coverage on every single network NBC owns.

Let's hope "fall" means "later than August."

IIRC, most seasons start in September, but don't some start in August?
Also, would hope the start of any fall series isn't interrupted by, say, the baseball playoffs (does Fox still have that?).
A few shows start in August ('Bones' has done in the past for instance) but late September is the norm (and even early October isn't all that unusual).

2. Seems odd that they mention Joss & Eliza's ages.

Well, if this is an actual newspaper article rather than an entertainment blog or whatever then newspapers report the ages of their subjects (and in exactly that way) all the time (so much so that it's become an easy shorthand for satirising news stories). It's always struck me weird too though, as if age is somehow more worthy of reportage than anything else. Why not "Whedon, gingerish-blond ..." or "Dushku, 5'5" ..." ? ;)
Fans of those shows revere Whedon, who created them both.

Sometimes I forget how unusual it is for fans of a show to revere the creator of that show the way a lot of Whedon fans do.
Fox starts earlier than the other networks because of the forced hiatus some shows end up taking in October for baseball. Mid to late August and early September is normal for Fox while the other networks wait for the last week of September normally.

batmarlowe, I am guessing that Dollhouse will be Fox's biggest deal at upfronts. Dollhouse and Fringe. They will get an enormous amount of hype.
The Simpsons always starts in early November. Is that the only FOX show that starts that late?

I would hope that FOX would wait until after baseball playoffs to start Dollhouse. It's hard enough to get viewers loyal to a new show; interupt the begining of the very first season for a month... well, that's really stacking the odds. Although if FOX waits, that means we would have to wait, too. *cry*
Dizzy, the problem with starting a show after baseball is that people have already settled into routines and may not turn away from what they are already watching to start watching Dollhouse.
The Simpsons starts before November. There are always a few new episodes before Treeehouse of Horror.

And to be more on topic, I'm thrilled that Dollhouse is getting this kind of positive buzz!
Fans of those shows revere Whedon, who created them both.

Lovely sentiment. Sadly it's not true but still a lovely sentiment all the same.
"Halo" Agathon? And I didn't know that we fans were part of the Buffyverse. (Maybe I've misunderstood that reference all this time?)

Anyway, whether it begins in the summer or in the fall, I'll be right there. I'm just so happy that, aside from the comics, SOMETHING that Joss has been working on will finally be broadcast.
Ah, I should amend the "always" in my previous post to sometimes. I could have sworn the Treehouse of Horror episodes were always the first Simpsons episodes of the season... and for about 8 random seasons, they have been. I also seem to recall that the X-Files started in November some seasons. So FOX does do later starts sometimes.

And I agree with you for the most part, TamaraC, but I think a later start would still be a better option than showing 3 or 4 episodes and having the show interupted for a month. Anyone who isn't absolutely hooked may find something else to watch and never come back. A late start might mean initial smaller viewing numbers, but it could build an audience with good word-of-mouth and positive reviews. But if Dollhouse comes back and has to re-build the audience all over again, it could be sunk.

[ edited by Dizzy on 2008-04-25 18:22 ]
I too was rather surprised to find out that I'm apparently in the Buffyverse. I thought only Robin the Minder had that honor.
Dizzy, it is a tightrope that Fox walks every year. I really think it is 6 one way and half a dozen the other.
Tru Calling wasn't that short-lived! When I think 'short-lived', I think less than half a dozen episodes, MAYBE half a season if it was cut down mercilessly. I mean, it wasn't Viva Laughlin, after all! Hmph.
Or 'Kitchen Confidential' - what did that air, like 3 episodes or something crazy ?

'Tru Calling' on the other hand had time to start getting half-decent before they cancelled it ;).
Well, if this is an actual newspaper article rather than an entertainment blog or whatever...
Well, it's not an entertainment blog, but I don't know that I'd go so far as to call the New York Post a bona fide newspaper. You may be onto something with that "whatever" category, though.
Well, we have 'The Sun' and 'The Daily Sport' so it's probably pretty newspapery by those standards ;).
Nothing new, but it’s nice to see, that Dollhouse is already in this early stage getting so much media coverage.

And as for the premiere date – I really don’t think it will be sooner than fall. At earliest very late summer, but it really wouldn’t make any sense for Fox to premiere it sooner. As someone already said, Dollhouse and Fringe look to be their biggest aces and because of that should both get the best possible treatment, including lots of hype, promotion, exclusive air time etc., but definitely not a dubious summer premiere which really wouldn’t say nothing positive about their faith in the show. Particularly in the year of The Olympics. And lets not also forget the threat of a potential actors strike, which will most probably not happen, but should still have some impact on the production (I remember how it was some time ago said, that after they finish shooting the pilot, they will halt the production of further episodes and wait till the strike issue is definitely resolved... if it’s not already by that time resolved) and thus making any sooner premiere than fall unrealistic.

The article itself doesn’t even look that much reliable anyway (after all, all they did was taking some months old quotes from Joss and creating a very brief new article around them without even mentioning the whole cast), so I’d say that they just, based purely on their own speculation, cooked the whole summer premiere thing up. cool would it be if the Gymnastics competition were directed by Joss? Now that would be some good drama, not to mention bad-ass choreographed stunts.
...really, though, I agree that it would be silly to air in August because of said Olympics; I myself am quite excited over gymnastics, swimming, and soccer. Partly for the competition aspect, partly for the "hot male athletes in spandex ogling-aspect." And soccer just rocks.

I think that Fox is doing the playoffs again; they've done it since I can remember. Though I think they should have some sort of "No Yankees, Don't Bother" rule.

Hopefully, Fox doesn't screw us over yet again. Do we have any idea what day/time slot it's going to be in?
Jossir is gingerish-blond?! He looks so brunette! Must be that clean living.
Olympics are over 8/24. There is another whole week in the month. Of course, launching something right before labor day weekend may not be the best plan either. I really don't envy the schedulers at Fox. It has to be a painful and totally thankless job.
Heir to 'Slayer'? The title of the article confuses me. Any ideas on what it means or is it just because any article on something Joss related needs to have slayer or vampire in the title? Also if I were any more excited about this show I think I would explode.
I hadn't thought of the scheduling of the Olympics and the World Series. With the 7 episodes likely to be a (somewhat) closed arc, maybe Fox will fit them in between, and start "Season 2" after January?

Saje: Why not "Whedon, gingerish-blond ..." or "Dushku, 5'5" ..." ?

How about "Whedon, a veritable Oghma among mortal men..." Kinda rolls off the tongue.
See, I like that, but I think of Joss as more of a muse. Maybe not quite as cartoony as the ones on Hercules, but just more of the singing, wine-drinking, jug-smashing, medias res types.
Plus, as much as he enjoys putting his characters through pain, it would fit (Oedipus, Odysseus, Antigone, etc.)

Although, if he were Oghma, who would be Cuchulain? I guess our own Buffster, but would the gae bolga turn into "the" scythe? Kinda cool...
There is no reason to assume that the 7 eps will be an arc nor will those 7 eps be in any way considered "season one". Just because that is the network's initial order does not mean that any creative decisions or storytelling should be contained or formatted to fit those 7 episodes.
I doubt he'll do that myself. 7 eps doesn't seem long enough to be a self-contained arc but it's arguably too many eps for them all to be standalones so (purely speculatin' ;) I reckon Joss will just carry right on as if it's gonna last forever. All or nothing at all seems kinda his speed.

This is an unusual situation but do we have any ideas about how quickly they'd have to tell him to continue in order for further episodes to just follow on from the seventh one ?

... but would the gae bolga turn into "the" scythe?

Passed to Cuchulainn by his (female) teacher - in Buffy terms kind of a cross between the "wise old scythe woman" and a Watcher++. GT. Turbo ;).

(barely needs saying that she was Scottish but I will anyway ;)

Dunno, the Irish are generally darker than Joss but I guess (much as Dandelion may not approve ;) we could explain that with a bit of Viking in the mix.
Woah! Allusions to classic mythology! How *does* he do it?

I don't really think of the Irish as that dark; on the other hand, I haven't read The Tain since I was 17 and a freshman in college. And at that point, I was too busy laughing about the Heroic Salmon Leap to think of that story as dark.
And, WTF was up with the moo-cow? Or maybe, Glory was like Madb, and the key was like the cow! ...Oh God, stop me!

I do think that there is something to be said though, in thinking in terms of Greek epics. After all, I think Homer would have gone nuts over the whole Buffy/Angel tragic love thing. Ditto Aristotle (whose name, btw, can be rearranged to say, "tater silo" and "a tit loser").

I'm hoping that Joss didn't write Dollhouse to the fact that it's 7 episodes as of now. I agree with Saje that it's either full throttle or adrift. But 7 episodes seems like a mere drop in the vast ocean of possible arc and character development.
One that Leif Erikson could sail across.
As if there weren't enough unpronounceable names in Dollhouse, now we're talking about Irish gods?
Fans of those shows revere Whedon, who created them both.

Misreading that line, one could believe that Joss has two fans, and he created them both. Which of course would lead to being revered.
I admit, I was looking for a Greek god, but when the web search came up with a god of literature AND patron of bards, it seemed very appropriate. (Also, the humor of equating Joss to a god, but one that almost no one would be familiar with: "whowazit?")

And don't be dissing those vikings. For every dark Ragnarok story, you also get one with cross-dressing Thor being humiliated by Loki.

I did put in the word "somewhat", as I didn't mean to imply that the series would be wrapped up in seven episodes. I was thinking of something like dropping a (cardboard) organ on Spike and Drusilla, which happened in mid-season and certainly didn't wrap up season 2 of Buffy. Or like every 6 comics of Astonishing X-Men has its own internal arc, but still combines into the 24+1 big arc.

Ninjapigeon: It could also mean that Joss created both the shows and the fans. Which would explain why Whedonverse fans are more passionate about their shows.

[ edited by OneTeV on 2008-04-26 04:00 ]
He did create us--or at least, somehow imbedded some sort of subconscious trigger that activates at key Whedon-y moments. If I cared to look it up, I would link to the discussion about it. Perhaps it was hypnopadaeia.

We're not passionate; we're subverted into caring. And I couldn't be happier. It's like soma, only better!
"Orgy-Porgy, Ford and fun..."

I've got to say, I really do like it best when each episode of the show is a self-contained story, which can then advance a mini-arc within the overall arc. This is, to me at least, why watching parts of AtS S4 feels labored--though still ultimately worthwhile.

I do wonder, though, if Joss, having gotten burned by Fox in the past, would give himself a way to resolve Dollhouse in the time Fox gives him. It could be just one scene, like how in Firefly there was a scene in "Objects in Space" that was aired on TV, but a deleted scene in the DVD.
BoB, wouldn't he have to do that in every episode? Shows can be canceled after one episode, two episodes, three episodes and so on. Just because Fox ordered 7 episodes does not mean that they will air them if only 5 people watch the show.

I guess I just don't see the point in planning for cancellation.
OMG, we're all .... Josslons!!! And we have been, all along. ;-)
I though Joss only directed one episode of the office. Or was that another of the brutal research errors in that article?
Nah, he's done two so far AFAIK.
Hmmm....not to mention a little tiny thing called the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!! Which tends to eat up valuable air-time for any number of television programs on every single available network except PBS. And possibly Lifetime. 'cause...they got their own angst to worry about.

Oghma? Nah. Joss is more like Dagda, the All-Father; wise, full of knowledge and well-versed in magic arts. Except, ya know...not ugly or portly, or a simple dresser.

And he hasn't killed nine at once with his club. Hmm...ok. Never mind.
Given Genius Boy's pronounced aversion to fabula interruptus, I'd wager* that the first seven eps of Dollhouse will be as much a self-contained arc as the first twelve of Buffy.

*Play money.
Given Genius Boy's pronounced aversion to fabula interruptus, I'd wager* that the first seven eps of Dollhouse will be as much a self-contained arc as the first twelve of Buffy.
*Play money.

Pointy | April 26, 19:59 CET

I'd put money on that as well. Can't we just cancel all those pesky distractions like the Olympics and baseball and the presidential election? Um .... actually, best not to cancel that last one.

Dunno, the Irish are generally darker than Joss but I guess (much as Dandelion may not approve ;) we could explain that with a bit of Viking in the mix.

Saje | April 26, 00:19 CET

For a minute there Saje, I thought you meant .... you know, in an existential way. ;-)
The Celts do like a good wallow every now and then but I think Joss has that sort of darkness pretty much covered. Just meant the hair ;).

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