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June 15 2003

(SPOILER) Transcript of James Marsters Q&A at Moonlight Rising.

I'm not sure if this is 100% complete yet (it's been going up in stages the last few days), but the comments about Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, Spike/Dru and the AR are included.

Oh, and can I get a cookie for finding this before Simon? :-)

Actually I'm sure this isn't complete, because the stuff about the upcoming movie hasn't made it up yet.
You get a doughnut :P.
I LOVe Marsters for his stand about cigarettes. I think that smoking to make a character choice is about the laziest decision that a writer/director can make. And the influence that on-screen smoking has on children, when most start their addiction, makes it even more disgusting. Thank you, James, for at least trying.

I also like where he talks about wanting more scenes with ASH, but "Uh, but you know, as it turns out the shows called Buffy." Kind of how I feel about wanting more scenes of Xander.

Lastly, after reading through the transcript, I don't see anything that belittles fans for wanting Spike and Buffy to be together. Nothing. They wanted to point out that Spike, chip or not, was evil, and had to go to greater lengths than they expected to be able to have fans accept it.

To me, that is SHOWING respect for the Spuffy fans by not just saying, "he's evil because we say so, despite what you are getting from what you see."

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I don't care about the boogie-chillen, but I have to agree with you about smoking==evil==lazy, brother. Look at the Charlie's Angels movie for one of the more egregious examples. When a character is exposed as bad/evil, they immediately light up. Before that, they were more or less straight-edge.
A fascinating read! Forget the "cookie" you deserve a doughnut--a JELLY doughnut.

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