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April 25 2008

(SPOILER) Buffy season 8 "Time Of Your Life" poster. Looks like Dark Horse will send retailers this shivers-inducing four-part poster as an incentive. Any chance it might be turned into a series of third variant covers ? It's just that awesome.


Although...I kind of wish that they had drawn Buffy in a slightly more sensible outfit. There's absolutely no way that one can slay and still be decent.

Do we know if it will be in color? I like the B&W, but it would be interesting to see how it would be done.
Does anyone know who the artist is? Or is it obvious to everyone but me?
On the bottom, it says Moline-Owens-Madsen. (As in Karl Moline, Andy Owens, and Michelle Madsen.) All participants in that wonderful story, and now graphic novel, Fray.
To be fair, I recall Buffy wearing mini-skirts with tall boots through most of the first season. Sensible, though? Not especially.

Still beats the army gear she's been sporting as of late.
"On the bottom, it says Moline-Owens-Madsen"

Oh yeah, it was obvious to everyone with eyes...thanks!

I don't think the problem in this case is Buffy fighting "wearing mini-skirts with tall boots" but rather with her boobs falling out when she does so.
So Dawn's normal-sized, then.
Don't think so - I believe that's Willow in front and Kennedy behind her.
I think you're right, Rowan.
At first, I thought it was Dawn, and that the swirly-ball thingie was part of a mace that the person behind her was holding.
Then, I enlarged my screen to 140%, looked closely, and, lo and behold, it was a ball of magic. So yeah, Willow. And the other chick does look like Kennedy.

Poor Dawnie. See, the thing is, if there were a third Summers sister, she wouldn't have any bad luck with losing her virginity. After all, twice bitten, thrice wise!
*I must slay myself*
Huh. Kennedy. Well now.
*I must slay myself*

Or you could, y'know, lemme do it for ya (egads, that was terrible...)
*shrugs* Meh, so I'm not at full slayer strength, pun-wise.

Then again, even the Bard had a few clunkers.
...Not that I'm saying I'm like Shakespeare; I'd settle for comparisons to Marlowe ;)

Back to the poster: I'm actually quite curious about Kennedy; I want to find out why she died. Or, for that matter, why she didn't stay dead.
I'd settle for comparisons to Marlowe

Philip? :-D

I'm actually rather pleased Kennedy will have a part in Season 8. Although... I probably should wait until I see what happens before I say that...
Oh dear. If you think my pun was abysmal (who is Philip Marlowe, btw?), just think about the horrible possiblities brought on by the addition of yet one more lesbian slayer. Although, I really think that Joss has far too much integrity to let something like that to happen.

I kind of like Kennedy; it depends on the day, my mood, and the lunar cycle. She can be very annoying, or very useful--even interesting.
It kind of feels like there are too many characters right now. Even Buffy herself kind of got short shrift on the last issue; I think that comics as a medium doesn't lend itself to multiple characters' stories being thoroughly developed.
Still, I'm excited.
What? Possibilities I'll grant you, but Horrible?? Maybe Willow & Kennedy can double-date with Buffy & Satsu - and if Buffy & Satsu don't go any further, just think of Willow as the filling in a Slayer sandwich. Yum...!

(BTW: Philip Marlowe)

ETA: dammit, I never get these links right...

[ edited by Rowan Hawthorn on 2008-04-26 05:00 ]
I just meant that it could take some very tasteless direction at this point if the helm were manned by someone who was a fan of...well...I just don't know. All's I know is, Joss wouldn't let that happen. But think about the guys who sometimes write comics, and what their minds are capable of.
I think my mind may never recover from the "slayer sandwich" image. Mayhaps I am innocent still. Ah, well.

Thanks for the link to the "other" Marlowe; I wouldn't mind being compared to him! Boozing? Wisecracking? Existential musings? Oh, yeah. (Now I sound like the Kool-Aid dude.)
Hey, just as long as you're drinkin' the right Kool-Aid, it's all good!
That supposed 'Willow' has a ridiculously dawn-esque face. Like I was watching the previews for next weeks Gossip Girl featuring Michelle Trachenberg right before seeing this pic and would swear it was Dawn before noticing the magic ball. Hmmm...
Since when did Buffy turn into a twiglet? It's not a great poster.
Since she also upgraded to Sex and the City fashion sense, I guess. Boots are all the rage in Slayercity, it seems.
As long as they're both stylish AND affordable, that is. ;-)
That is a terrible poster; that is not Buffy.
Yes, Willow's face looks like Dawn, and no, Buffy doesn't look like Buffy, but I'm standing by my identification until proven wrong (on the plus side, Kennedy *does* bear a strong resemblance to Iyari Limon. Now watch that be Faith instead...)
Hmm. I'm unsure of this. I think seeing it in color would be more helpful. This looks like kind of a rough sketch? And yeah. Buffy is very disappointing.
On second inspection, I have to agree that Buffy is a little off in that poster, but not necessarily beyond the usual variance of pencil-and-paper likenesses. And there has to be a reason she's all glammed-up like that, story-wise, since Buff herself hasn't appeared in any such outfit since the early days of the series.

Having said that, its still great to see more Fray, who looks perfectly like her usual self.

I am extremely hyped for the next few issues, I can't believe its going to be months before Time of Your Life!
Buffy's body is all wrong (that is, it doesn't look like Buffy). I don't like the poster, and I think it seriously suffers by comparison with all of the beautiful covers above it.
What exactly is the use of a poster in three parts? I know, I know, I probably misunderstood what was meant.

BandofBuggered Rowan Hawthorn : Or Satsuko could be a convenient reboundo gal for Kennedy in the unlikely event Buffy decides not to go for the new shoes, errr, shutting up now.

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2008-04-26 21:24 ]
I'm a little disappointed in this considering it's original Fray artist Karl Moline. Moline usually does a great job of capturing likenesses, without seeming like he's using photo reference or anything. It's hard to say until we see it colored, but we may just not be getting the most flattering look at it like this.
I'm not too worried about it. Karl Moline did a great job with the Fray characters, but those characters are not from real life (i.e., TV). Buffy & the Scoobs are. Didn't we see an interview before with Jeantry reagarding the drawing of Buffy? He said at first, Buffy was quite hard to do, but as time goes on, it gets better. Didn't Karl say something similar to that?

If it's his first attempt, kudos. I think it'll get better through the arc.

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