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April 25 2008

More information about Nathan's Pilot - Castle. 'Drive,' 'Firefly' star set to play lead in 'Castle' Nathan Fillion has apparently enjoyed his time working at ABC, because he's signed on to a pilot at the network.

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Wow...good things really do happen to good people. You go Nate! Now Mark Blucas needs a crime drama.
Okay, this article is saying he'll play a "Mystery Novelist" who consults with the Police, when another Thread here on Whedonesque has him playing a "Horror Novelist".

There's a big difference.

"Mystery Novelist" implies old-style Police shows with the "consultant" who solves crimes. The Rockford Files springs to mind. "Horror Novelist" opens up a more genre-like image with the "consultant" solving occult, paranormal and sci/fi type crimes. The X-files with an emphasis on crime over conspiracies. Personally, I prefer the latter, but suspect the former. "Mystery" is the safer route, IMO, but "Horror" seems much more... fun.
For "Mystery Novelist", I think of Murder She Wrote, not Rockford Files. Still, Fillion would be great in a Rockford-type character: charming but pisses off a lot of the surrounding characters.
Watch out - I got a freaky spyware...thing try to download when I clicked the link.
So basically Nathan is playing Stephen King. Cool, dude.
You're right, OneTev. Murder She Wrote is a much better example. I thought of Rockford because of the "consultant" idea. That's kind of what Monk is too, isn't it? I think a Horror Novelist as consultant would take things in a lot of new and interesting directions.
I Agree that the horror novelist would be more interesting approach. Also, I got the spyware warning from the site also. Be careful.
Jim Rockford was a con-man cum private investigator, he didn't consult for the police so much as get in their way and sometimes get arrested by them ;). Jessica Fletcher sounds much closer to this idea.

(Nathan would totally kick ass in a 'Rockford Files' remake though - it's unnecessary but if they ever did...)

I'll check it out for the Cap but i'm thinking there has to be more to this, more of a hook to set it apart. New procedurals seem to have some aspect of high-concept to them these days ('Life' has zen and Crews' time in jail, 'Raines' had "seeing dead people", 'New Amsterdam' had immortality, 'Psych' has the hyper-observation thing, 'Monk' has OCD etc). The guy being a writer doesn't really feel like enough.

(browser caught a couple of pop-ups when I followed the link, hopefully dodged the bullet - you guys should get a pop-up blocker if you're not using a browser, like Firefox, that has one built-in) has a quote in it saying it is a dramedy!

"Firefly vet Nathan Fillion has been cast in the new ABC dramedy Castle to play a mystery author who helps the NYPD solve crimes. Fillion also recurs on Desperate Housewives and starred in the short-lived Drive."

Yeah! Dramedy!
Dramedy! That's lovely. Actually, the word is kind of awful, but the idea of Nathan in a show that is both dramatic & funny is wonderful (and somehow familiar...)
And Nathan as Rockford? I love that, too.
I guess "dramedy" is better than "coma" - not sure how well that'd sell ;).
I just watched White Noise 2. It was awful. I'm still in shock from how bad it was.
Saje; Why did you have to say the U-word? By saying a new version of The Rockford Files is "unnecessary," you've almost guaranteed a remake will happen!

Hmm, this sounds pretty good if they can decide which way to go.
Yeah, Simon I agree; Even Nathan couldn't save White Noise 2. I kept hoping WN2 would be a little more... imaginative, but it went places most viewers didn't want to go.

Did you watch Nathan tour the Haunted Mental Asylum where the movie was filmed?
I don't think the R2 version has any extras so unfortunately not.
Ack. Nathan is wonderful, but please don't mess with Jim Rockford.
By saying a new version of The Rockford Files is "unnecessary," you've almost guaranteed a remake will happen!

Yeah, in retrospect that is a bit like tempting fate. OK, it's totally necessary Hollywood, do you hear me ? Remake it now, I demand it ! (hopefully that should reverse psychologise 'em ;)

'White Noise 2' wasn't great (and had a fundamentally unpalatable message IMO) but Nathan was good as was Katee Sackhoff and it had a 'verse trifecta for me with cast from 'Firefly', BSG and 'Stargate: SG1' so some compensations. I've seen far worse films but that might say more about the films i've seen than WN2 ;).
I agree that Nathan and Katee were the only reasons to watch White Noise 2.

One cool thingy for me was Nathan was wearing the same brown tee shirt with a chemical structure on it that he was wearing when I saw him at a convention. I have a picture of us together and he's wearing that shirt so I was very excited when I saw him in it in the movie....I'm a sick woman.

You don't seem sick to me.

Look. Nathan. Thud.

We should start sending rocks to a studio. To build up support in the studio's mailroom.
I never got to read the article. I tried like 10 times and it kept telling me I had bad files and needed their program. But from your comments, its a dramedy similar to, but not quite like, Rockford Files and Murder She Wrote. I guess I'll have to wait for a summary from a reputable site. As much as I love Nathan, I am not desperate enough to watch Desperate Housewives, so I'm looking forward to Castle.
Exactly Anonymous1. Make it a grass roots thing. So rocks or maybe files might work. Or, come to think of it, nothing says "remake my show" like shallow-sections-of-river-or-other-bodies-of-water in the mail ;).
Anonymous1, Saje What about...files being held down by rocks, with the Mustang logo on top?
Should I be watching the Rockford Files?

And why can't mystery have horror in it? A lot of crime scenes with serial killers are "horr"ible, right?

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